CSGO Knife Skins

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In the shooter Counter Strike: Global Offensive knife skins are some of the most valuable and coveted items. Their exclusive colors attract maximum attention. And the killing of an enemy with a knife has long been considered the pinnacle of combat skill. In addition, the likelihood of randomly getting a knife when opening a case is much lower than other weapons, which automatically increases the demand for these items.

Types of Knife Skins In CSGO

All knives are melee weapons. But different csgo knife types can cause different damage to the opponent. Some inflict stab wounds - weaken the enemy, but rarely can kill. Others cause cutting wounds that can be fatal. There are a lot of models of game knives, so let's go through the list of all CSGO knives:

  • Bayonet - refers to the classic army knives. Multifunctional, inexpensive, pretty stylish skin.
  • Shadow Daggers - have an interesting shape and small size, which makes them convenient for a surprise attack. Most often they are used for the purpose of self-defense.
  • Bowie - famous Texas knife with a chipped end. An interesting story from real life: in one match, a man with a knife surpassed his opponent with a sword.
  • Ursus - straight and stylish, resembles a shortened katana from a distance. Among all CSGO knife types, this one is one of the most expensive, despite its rather simple design.
  • Navaja - the largest folding knife originally from Spain. But in the game it was recreated not folding, with a blade taking up about a third of the length. These knives appeared in the game only a few years ago.
  • Stiletto - thin, lightweight, durable and comfortable - this knife is a real monster with its roots in ancient Egypt.
  • Talon - a smaller and more secretive knife resembling a karambit. It is very convenient and practical, therefore it has a rather high price among other CSGO knife skins.
  • Nomad - ergonomic spring loaded tactical hunting knife with composite inserts in the handle.
  • Skeleton - has an unusual design for knives. The large hole is not made for beauty, but for convenience and safety, so that you can insert your finger into it.
  • Survival - a really dangerous thing that lives up to its name. The blade has a large number of sharp notches, which can be used to carve flesh.
  • Paracord - a versatile handy item, you can use it as an improvised tool for cutting branches, butchering meat, and for attacking the enemy.
  • Butterfly - is unique in that it has a hinge that allows you to rotate the blade 180 degrees and thus hide it in the handle, making it completely invisible.
  • Classic Knife - a rather ordinary and unremarkable stiletto, but nevertheless it covers the basic needs of the player.
  • Falchion - small, comfortable and modern like a sword. It looks really epic.
  • Flip Knife - small but dangerous. Can cause fatal injuries. Without its beautiful design, you would hardly notice it, but coloring makes it an attractive and popular playable item.
  • Gut Knife - one of the most inexpensive but stylish knives in the game. In real life, his blow can be lethal for the enemy.
  • Huntsman - unambiguously, given its initial purpose, it is quite understandable why the blade is an edge with a sharp saw.
  • Karambit - one of the most coveted and, accordingly, expensive CSGO skins. This knife begins its history in Asia, and modern designs make it incredible.
  • M9 Bayonet - cool army knife for serious guys. He does not have a pretentious appearance, but he is brutal and really dangerous. A saw is hidden on the back of the blade.

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The knife theme has always remained popular with the game's fans. But if you are just a beginner in this world, then below you can find out the most necessary information.

Why do people use knives in CSGO?

There are several reasons for this: these are quite rare skins, they have a certain status, and the fact that killing an opponent with a knife is considered a very cool indicator.

What CSGO cases contain the best knives?

The coolest knives are usually found in the Case, the Chromed Weapon Case (ChromaChroma 2Chroma 3), and the Dark Case. But you may also be more interested in the cases on Bloodycase.com, since this is where you will find unique offers with great content at the best price.

Why are csgo knives so expensive?

CSGO knives prices in game are formed based on the rarity of items and their condition. The more exclusive the skin, the higher its price, and knives are, in principle, not a very common type of game weapon, and the demand for it is always great.

How many knives are in CSGO?

Apart from the basic knife, which is given to everyone at the beginning of the game, there are almost 20 different types of these skins. Above, we described the CSGO knife skins list in more detail.

Where to buy knives CSGO?

You can purchase skins both on the Steam trading platform and exchange with your friends. In addition, you can open cases on third-party sites, for example on ours, where for a small cost you get a chance to win a valuable item. In any case, you can choose where the best price of knives CSGO is.