Bloodycase FAQ General Questions


Protect yourself from scams

Everyone pretending to be 'administrator', 'moderator' or 'trade bot' of is a scammer - we will never send you screenshots of our control panel or add you on Steam for purposes of trading your items. We will never send you any files.

I have filled up the balance but money didn’t come. What to do?

Attention! Your payment may arrive with a delay of 5-10 minutes. If the money didn`t come within the hour, please contact support with the details (your Steam account, payment ID): [email protected]

I have opened the case, received a skin so how I can pick it up?

Go to your profile and click the "send" on the skin of your interest. Items are delivered immediately after payment.

Before opening cases

Be sure to check if you are able to trade on Steam, otherwise our bot will not be able to send you your items. Open your inventory, make sure there is no trade ban (check your Steam Guard on mobile) and it is at least 7 or 14 days after the password had been changed.

I can not sell an item, have forbidden the creation of dialogue boxes on the page.

Close the tab, and then visit the site again. If that fails, clean the browser history completely.

I have money on my Steam account, but now they are not displayed. Why?

Steam Money are not appropriate to this site. You should fill up the balance separately.

When I press "Send" on the item, I get an error: "Unable to send the item"

Bot cannot send you the skin in the following cases

  1. You have blocked exchange (recently changed the password / e-mail, changed the Steam Guard security settings, have VAC-ban, etc.).
  2. You must have Steam Guard enabled to receive items from the site (and at least 7 days must have passed since activation).
  3. Your profile is hidden by privacy settings in Steam (Check it)
  4. Check your trade URL in bloodycase profile and your Steam account - they should be matched.
I want to save my Steam Trade URL, but it gives me an error: "You have a trade hold!"

This error can occur for several reasons:

  1. You have recently created your account and you do not have an exchange option.
  2. You have blocked exchange (recently changed the password / e-mail, changed the Steam Guard security settings, have VAC-ban, etc.).
  3. You must have Steam Guard enabled to receive items from the site (and at least 7 days must have passed since activation).
I can not withdraw the item to my Steam account

Before withdrawing items, you need to make sure that you can make exchanges in Steam. Also, to withdraw items that you received on the site, you need to refill your account once for the minimum amount on the site.


What is provably fair?

Provably Fair is an algorithm that enables you to verify each roll result and make sure that all chances on our website are equally random. We stand for transparency and absolutely honesty. Every user has an equal probability of winning. We can ensure you that there is no way to cheat the system, so you can have confidence in every click.


What is upgrader?

In simple words, CSGO skins upgrade is an opportunity to improve an item you have, or rather exchange it for the desired one. In a sense, this is a lottery, but here you know for sure your chance of winning. It should be remembered that the more expensive the desired item is in relation to the cost of the skin that you want to exchange, the less chance of winning.

Rules of upgrader

You can upgrade any of your skins, but the minimum cost to upgrade per balance is 50 cents. This is the upgrade rule.


What is contract?

Contract is a unique opportunity to collect from two to six skins with the ability to combine these items into one more expensive skin.

Rules of contract

The rules are simple. Choose from two to six of your skins, choose a level (the level affects the minimum amount of exposed skins and the maximum amount of winnings) and you have the opportunity to get the more expensive skin.


What is multiplier?

A multiplier is a unique coefficient that gives you a chance to get extra money from the sale of the won item. Thus, if you do not want to leave the skin in your collection, you can sell it profitably, more than the cost of the item in Steam at the time of opening the case.


What types of cards are available on

Now there are two types of cards - non-NFT and NFT. In total, there are 6 levels of card rarity in ascending order, each has its own colour: Common - green, Uncommon - blue, Rare - violet, Super rare - pink, Epic - gold, Legendary - rose gold. The first 2 of them include non-NFT cards, and the rest (more valuable) - are NFT.

What is NFT?

Non-fungible token, in simple terms, is the right to own a unique digital object based on the Ethereum blockchain. Each card has a limited circulation, therefore it automatically makes its owner a member of a closed thematic NFT community.

How can I get cards?

Both types of cards can be obtained from cases that have a special "NFT" label on them. In addition, our NFT cards can also be purchased on specialized marketplaces and

How can I use Bloodycase cards?

Now you can use them as an access key to our giveaways on the site. How many cards - so many times you can take part, each time increasing your chances of winning. One card is like one ticket. After participating, non-NFTs disappear, and NFTs are returned to you. The higher the level of the card, the more valuable giveaways it gives access to.

Can I withdraw my NFT card?

Not yet, but our developers are already working on functionality that will allow you to withdraw the card to your crypto wallet.