Simultaneously with the rapid growth of the number of various gambling sites, the number of scammers on the Internet has also increased significantly.  It is not surprising that before spending money online, people want to make sure that the site is honest and decent.  To ensure the transparency of the results of games on sites based on randomness, Provably Fair was invented. 
Provably Fair is an algorithm that ensures that all events on the site are based solely on random number generation. This means that the possibility of rigging the results is excluded and each user has an equal chance of winning.

How can the user ensure that the results are transparent?

Each user gets a unique client, server seed & nonce.
  • Server seed - a random number sequence generated by the gambling site's server;
  • Client seed - a series of numbers provided by your browser or adjusted by you;
  • Client nonce - the total number of bids. This number increases with each bet you make;

You receive this data in advance even before the start of the action. Therefore, we cannot change them. It should be taken into account that the data is encrypted, which makes it impossible to falsify and / or calculate the results in advance.
In order to make sure that the event is fair, you can check the results of the game on an independent service - here or on our website in the profile section - check roll.