BloodyCase – CS:GO Сases and Skins

CS:GO is a game with a vast audience. Every day, many special forces soldiers prevent terrorists from planting a bomb on a site or killing hostages. Players are constantly looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. And skins are the easiest way to do it.

Check out the сsgo case opening site to get valuable skins that will be a worthy decoration for your FAMAS, AVP, or knife. No more need to rack up hours of gaming experience; go to BloodyCase's csgo case site.

What case CS GO you can get at BloodyCase

BloodyCase is a CS GO opening case simulator that will make your game brighter. Before сsgo crate opening, you can examine the list of items that are inside. You will not get a pig in a poke, as in the game.

There are many boxes in the online сsgo case opening catalog. You can choose from any series to complete your collection. The system shows the probability of getting a valuable item, allowing you to make the right decision. The more boxes you buy, the more likely you will get something worthwhile.

Operation boxes

In standard cases, you will find the usual skins for all types of weapons. They can be decorated with various designs, stickers, and autographs of famous gamers. These boxes are not expensive, but it is quite common to find valuable items.

Collection boxes

You can find skins with a relatively high price tag in collection boxes. They can be decorated in one theme or created to honor an important event. Such options rarely drop out in the game, so the case opener simulator is a great way to get a valuable item.

Sticker Packages

Stickers are used to decorate weapons. This little design element can be placed anywhere you like. Gold and holographic stickers have a pretty high status and can significantly increase the value of your Galil or Five-Seven.

Our custom csgo cases

We also tried and developed a stylish csgo new case. Bright items from BloodyCase will definitely please you. Stylish designs will be a great addition to the collection and will attract the attention of both teammates and rivals.

Our top 10 best CSGO cases

Cases Price
The Gods and Monsters Collection Case 33,75$
Butterfly Knives Case 1499,99$
Snakebite Case 2$
Spectrum 2 Case 4,99$
Horizon Case 1,49$
Clutch Case 4,99$
Hyper Beast Case 23,99$
Gloves Case 129$
Covert Case 6,49$
Atlanta 2017 Stickers Case 14,99

BloodyCase: more than just boxes!

Cs go cases simulator is a platform where you can do more than just open case csgo. But also have fun. We offer entertainment
  • Free cases - All new users can open 5 cases for free to test their luck. After registration, you can open a new random box daily and get a valuable skin;
  • Deposit cases - Receive prizes only for the constant replenishment of your account balance;
  • Daily Free - Get free skins every day after placing the symbols of our website in your Steam account;
  • Case Battles - Take part in the battle of the boxes. Just select a box and wait for all participants to drop. The one with the most valuable prizes will win.;
  • CSGO Updater - Here you can upgrade your skin to a better one, or lose everything;
  • Contracts - Here you can guarantee to exchange your skin or several skins for something more interesting.

How do CSGO case opening sites work?

BloodyCase is a site where you can quickly open сsgo skins case. No need to gain experience points and spend much time in the virtual world. To do this, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. create an account on the site.
  2. You can create an account on BloodyCase using your Steam account or social networks. Be sure to indicate the current accounts from which you play if you used Google, Twitch, or Facebook to log in, connect Steam to integrate your profile with the CSGO cases site.

  3. top up your account.
  4. To withdraw items, you must make a minimum deposit of $5. You can replenish your BloodyCase account using all popular payment systems. Please note that the funds that you have on your Steam account cannot be used for сsgo case opening online.

  5. open case.
  6. You can open the box when the funds are credited to your BloodyCase account. To do this, select the option you need and click the button. Before you buy сsgo crates, you can see all the items and their inside prices and choose the number of cases.

  7. trade or sell items from cases.
  8. The resulting skins can be put up for sale, and you can receive an amount equivalent to the specified cost. It is also possible to exchange an item from the box in the Updater or through a contract. If you got exactly what you wanted, the skin can be withdrawn to your Steam account and used in the game.

Gifts for new users from CS:GO case opening site

For new users of case simulator сsgo, there are such bonuses:
  • opening five boxes for free;
  • up to $0.7 by using the wellcome promo code
  • 0.3 usd to the user's account for mail confirmation;
  • bonus for the first deposit
  • If you publish the BloodyCase icon in your Steam account, CS GO case opening site will give you a daily case opening for free.

Several reasons to choose BloodyCase CSGO case opener?

The main advantages of BloodyCase case opening site сsgo are
  • the best conditions for accumulating and withdrawing winnings;
  • huge selection of payment systems;
  • available deposit and withdrawal amounts;
  • fast execution of all transactions.

You can replenish the balance and withdraw funds to cards of all banks, virtual wallets, and other payment systems. You can choose any convenient way that will allow you all сsgo cases. To get a win, you do not need to conduct complex checks. It is enough to verify your account once, and you can constantly receive money to sell or exchange things.

You only need to make a minimum deposit to play csgo crate opening. It is a small price to get valuable boxes and rare items. Before you operate, check if the trading function on Steam is available to you.

BloodyCase — best CS:GO case opening website

BloodyCase is the best option for opening case cs go. You can choose a box, get acquainted with its contents, and select the option with the right weapon. Affordable cost and a vast selection of collectibles allow you to improve all the weapons in the game. Quick completion of operations and additional entertainment make it possible to have fun and open case сsgo with expensive weapons.

Which is the best CSGO case to open?

The BloodyCase website has a large selection of cases of different prices. You can choose a cheap Winter Offensive Case and open a Hot Rod Case with valuable skins. If you are looking for expensive skins, look for boxes with a medium and high price tag. We also advise you to familiarize yourself with the inside items before buying.

Which case is most profitable?

If you are thinking about getting economic benefits from the CS GO case opening online, then you need to actively monitor the market and the cost of items on trading floors. Choose skins that can be sold for a good amount and then look for which cases they are in. We already wrote above that most often the most expensive items are inside cases with a price above average. But in any case, even in a cheap case, there is always a chance to win a very worthwhile skin.

What is the best CSGO case to open 2023?

In our opinion, among all our assortment, the most attractive today is the Diamond case. Yes, it costs a lot, but it's definitely worth it. Just go inside, it contains a huge number of rare items. Here you will find both very beautiful knives and such desirable gloves. In addition, there are several types of very beautiful designer-designed game weapons. Just a couple of minutes and any of these incredible skins can be yours by case CS GO opening!

How much is it to open a case on CSGO?

Inside the game, it is absolutely free, but it is unclear how long you have to wait to get at least one. But with our case opening simulator CS GO, you have nothing to worry about. You don't have to be rich to open a cool case. We even have cases that cost only a couple of dozen cents. And there are also for a couple of hundred dollars. So it all depends on your budget, but every fan of the game will find something to their liking here!

How to get cases in CS:GO at BloodyCase?

Getting a case is very easy. You only need to log in to the BloodyCase website, fund your account and open csgo skins case After that, you will receive one skin randomly.

What to do with CS:GO cases?

If you don't want to open the box, you can participate in the battle of boxes to earn additional prizes.

Is it legal to open CS:GO cases on this website?

BloodyCase online csgo case opening is a legal and safe way to buy csgo crates. The site guarantees that you will definitely receive the items in the box. Provably Fair is an algorithm that ensures that all events on the site are based solely on random number generation. This means that the possibility of rigging the results is excluded and each user has an equal chance of winning.

Can I sell or trade the skins I receive?

Yes. You can do whatever you want with the skins. You can keep them in your collection, send them to Steam to upgrade weapons, and sell or trade them on the BloodyCase website. Once you open the box, the skin becomes yours. And only you can decide what to do with it.

What happens if I encounter technical issues?

Most often, problems arise when sending skins to Steam. To avoid this difficulty, it is worth checking the ban on the sale of items. You should wait until the end to carry out the operation if it is active. If you encounter other technical issues while using BloodyCase, please get in touch with support.

What types of items can I win from cases?

The contents of the case depends on its cost and value. There are often skins for pistols, sniper rifles, and AK47s. Knives, gloves, and other items drop out very rarely, which significantly increases their cost. To get what you want, familiarize yourself with the case's contents in advance.