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$ 26.40
AWP | Duality (Well-Worn) cs go skin
$ 42.41
AWP | Duality (Minimal Wear) cs go skin
$ 25.90
AWP | Duality (Field-Tested) cs go skin
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CS GO skins

If you are a Counter Strike: Global Offensive gamer you probably heard about skins. All csgo skins are 3D models that replace the look of standard outfit. The main purpose of skins is to replace the appearance of a weapon with a newer one that differs from the standard one. These items dilute the game with new colors and make it look new. Additionally, weapon skins are collectible. So you probably thought about a place to buy csgo skins? Well for this goal you need to find a website to buy csgo skins. We suggest you use to get good cheap csgo skins by opening a lot of our cool cases.

Which skins cs go you can get on BloodyCase?

In order not to wait forever for a cool item that would perfectly complement your style, you can try your luck by opening our interesting cs go cases. While creating our author’s cases, we came up with various options for combining filling in order to place all csgo skins in them. This variety allows everyone to choose and open a case to their liking and get a good item for sure, as well as positive emotions from excitement, and not just buy skin csgo.

The 8 types of csgo skins list:

How to get cs go skins at BloodyCase?

To get started, to enter the site you need to log in or register using your Steam account. After that, you need to refill your balance. Now you can choose and open any cases that you like to buy skins online csgo on You will randomly drop one of the skins inside. Now, this item is yours, you can send it to your Steam account or use skins deals csgo buy and sell. This is much more interesting because the csgo weapon skin prices are different and you can only buy counter strike skins that you can afford, and by opening cases online on the BloodyCase you can win an item much more expensive than the case itself.

Main ways to get and buy counter strike global offensive skins:

  • Earn – to get a new CS: GO artifact for free you should constantly play and win. The game gives out new skins for CS: GO very often. True, the randomness of the appearance of rare CS: GO items is probably the only drawback.
  • Open cases – the most interesting way to buy skin csgo, as you can try your luck and feel real excitement while waiting for the item to be dropped. Thus, once you pay for a case, you are guaranteed to receive either cool cheap csgo skins, or you can even win rare and very expensive items.
  • Exchange – received items can be exchanged with friends on Steam.
  • Trade – in the near future, BloodyCase will also become a site to buy csgo skins and it will also be possible to trade them with users.
  • How the price depends on the quality of the weapons skin?
  • The csgo skins price directly depends on the rarity. Each item has its own rarity. It determines the likelihood of a particular item falling out. That is, the rarer the item, the less likely it will be dropped, and the more expensive it is.

Csgo skins in order of rarity:

  • White (common) – Consumer grade: These are the most popular cs go skins and are the easiest to get. In this category, the counter strike skin prices are always the cheapest.
  • Light blue (uncommon) – Industrial grade: Less common than white skins. They are often dropped as weekly rewards. Their price usually ranges from a few cents to a couple of dollars.
  • Darker blue (rare) – Mil-spec, High grade: Fairly common skins of the base rarity. There is a great chance to get them from any case. On average, the price for such a cs go skin is a couple of tens of dollars, but there are also several much more expensive items.
  • Purple (Mythical) – Restricted, Remarkable: This is the type of skins that are not easy to get. They cost an order of magnitude more expensive than the previous ones. The most expensive skins in this category are with StatTrak and Factory New.
  • Pinkish purple (Legendary) – Classified, Exotic: These items are quite rare and therefore very expensive. In this category, the price of an item reaches several hundred dollars.
  • Red (Ancient) – Covert, Extraordinary: Here are the top csgo weapon skins. They are the rarest and most expensive. The price for such an item starts from a thousand dollars.
  • Gold (Exceedingly Rare) – Melee Weapons: Includes very rare csgo skins from the section of knives and gloves. On average, the price of such items ranges from several hundred to a couple of thousand dollars.
  • Yellow Orange (Immortal) – Contraband (discontinued): An extremely rare cs go weapon that belongs to the category of prohibited. This includes skins that are no longer available and which are now the most difficult task to get.

Cs go skin conditions chart

The price of skins depends not only on the rarity but also on the degree of wear. The quality of items in CS GO is determined by the degree of wear on the paint on the weapon itself. This means that the paint on the lowest quality skin (Battle-Scarred) will be the fairest and faintest, while the paint on the highest quality item (Factory New) will be the freshest and brightest.

Here is a list, in order, of all wear levels (some only have some of them) from newest to most worn, i.e. from most expensive to least expensive:

  • Factory New – brand new without wear, have the brightest color.
  • Minimal Wear – almost new with minimal scuffs on the body.
  • Field Tested – such skins are faded compared to the previous ones, but nevertheless they still look very impressive in the game.
  • Well Worn – on such skins, traces of wear and tear of paint are quite clearly visible.
  • Battle Scarred – this is how the game skins of cs go look like, having seen a lot of battles, the paint on them is the palest and shabby, but do not forget that this does not affect its quality in any way.

Frequently asked questions about cs go skins

Can I update the csgo skin?

Yes of course. If you have sufficient balance on BloodyCase, then you can try to upgrade the selected item to the desired one. If the upgrade was successful, you immediately get a new skin in your profile, if not, you are guaranteed to receive a cashback.

Can I trade up csgo skins?

Yes, in the near future you will be able to exchange equivalent skins on BloodCase and get exactly the one you need.

How to sell cs go skins for real money?

Soon it will be possible to make not only the exchange of skins for skins on the BloodCase, but also get real money for them. You can add one item or wholesale. The confirmation of the sale takes place through Steam.

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