CSGO Gloves Skins

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CS GO gloves skins - n element of the game that was added much later than most types of in-game weapons, but gloves are the most expensive and desired items. Their range has expanded significantly over these 5 years, and in this article we will figure out why these skins have earned such love from players.

What types of gloves are existing In CS:GO?

At the moment, 72 types of CSGO gloves skins are presented in the shooter. They are divided into several categories: operations gloves, windings, driving glovesspecial forces glovesmotorcycle glovessports gloves. Below we will describe in more detail the main ones.

  • Bloodhound Gloves - were released in honor of the operation of the same name. These are brutal bronze fingerless leather gloves, supplemented with metal rivets. Field Tested items cost about $ 105.
  • Hydra Gloves - also timed to coincide with the operation. All gloves from this collection are adorned with a bronze-colored metal snake. They are slightly less popular than the Bloodhound with a decorative skull. A Hydra glove skin "Case Hardened" as Field Tested will run you around $ 130.
  • Driver Gloves - quite a classic leather model. For example, Driver Gloves | Convoy is crafted from brown leather and finished with camouflage fabric inserts. For the quality of Minimal Wear, give about $ 135.
  • Hand Wraps - outwardly, it is a more primitive model that does not have anything extravagant in its design. So Hand Wraps | Duct Tape consists of two layers - fabric gray, over which a greenish tarp is wrapped. Well Worn is still worth a whopping $ 90.
  • Specialist Gloves - their design is not much different from the standard model, but there are some interesting and popular colors nonetheless. For example Specialist Gloves | The 2020 Field Agents are in huge demand right now. For such blue glove skins CSGO as Minimal Wear, you need to pay at least a thousand dollars.
  • Sport Gloves - this category contains the most attractive and expensive skins. Sport Gloves | Pandora's Box in deep purple with dark mesh inserts in the best quality can be up to almost $ 29K!
  • Broken Fang Gloves - among these skins, the most beautiful is certainly the recently released Broken Fang Gloves | Jade. They are made of incredible emerald leather that shimmers in the light, and the logo of the operation of the same name is located in the center. You will have to fork out for quality Factory New - the price starts at $ 1,800.
  • Moto Gloves - generally resemble a driver's license. Despite the fact that they cannot be called unusual, such skins can look quite impressive when paired with the right color-matched weapon. Moto Gloves | Cool Mint with blue geometric patterns looks pretty attractive among the rest. For the quality of Field Tested, you need to pay $ 320. View the other CSGO skins: Knives, Pistols, SMGs, Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Machineguns, Agents

    View all gloves skins:  Bloodhound Gloves, Broken Fang Gloves, Driver Gloves, Hand Wraps, Hydra Gloves, Moto Gloves, Specialist Gloves, Sport Gloves


Given the incredible interest of gamers in CSGO glove skins, we simply could not help but answer the most popular questions about these items.

Which glove skins are the cheapest?

Now the most budgetary option for gloves is Driver Gloves | Racing Green with a rather laconic design in dark green leather with checkered suede inserts. 

For quality Field-Tested, you will only pay $ 63

Which CS GO cases have gloves in it?

All CSGO gloves are scattered across the cases of different operations: Hydra Case, Broken Fang Case, Snakebite CaseClutch CaseGlove Case

How can I get glove skin?

We think that you have already realized that getting these items just in the course of the game is almost unrealistic.
Therefore, if you need specific gloves, you can check their price on the Steam marketplace, but firstly they may not be there, and secondly, the price can go off scale.
Therefore, the most affordable and attractive option may be to open "Gloves Case" on the BloodyCase.com website - after all, it contains all the coolest glove skins and you will 100% get one of them!

How rare are CS GO gloves?

Gloves, like knives, are among the rarest skins in the Counter Strike game. That is why they are so valuable, the chance of getting them during the game is minimal, and you will have to pay a tidy sum for a purchase on the trading floor.

Which glove skins are the most expensive?

The most valuable skin is considered the above-described Sport Gloves | Pandora's Box. You will hardly find them on the market, but the price on trading platforms for the quality of Factory New can reach 20,000 dollars.