CSGO Pistol Skins

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In the world's most popular shooter, Counter Strike, weapons are the main element. That is why in this game you will discover almost all of its types. But the most popular are pistol skins CS GO. This is quite logical, because it is this weapon that is issued absolutely free at the start of the game. So representatives of counter-terrorists get Glock-18 at their disposal, and terrorists can choose P2000 or USP-S. In addition, pistols are a great addition to your main weapon if you run out of ammo.

Types of pistol skins In CS:GO

To date, the game features 10 types of CS GO pistol skins. Some of them are available only to terrorists or their opponents, but most of them can be bought by representatives of any team. Let's go over each of them in more detail.

  • Desert Eagle - one of the most advanced and dangerous semi-automatic pistols. Can kill an enemy with one successful headshot. Of the minuses - only 7 rounds in the clip, so you need to work on accuracy.
  • Dual Berettas - although the power and accuracy of this skin is not the best, you can shoot simultaneously from two semi-automatic pistols.
  • USP-S - not a bad option to start, especially since this pistol skin CSGO can be obtained for free if you play as terrorists.
  • R8 Revolver - unlike the options described above, this item is distinguished by really steep accuracy and power, but there is also a drawback - the trigger of this pistol is very tight.
  • Five-SeveN - available only to counter-terrorists, albeit expensive, but it has as many as 20 rounds and cleverly copes with the enemy's armor.
  • P2000 - good for the starting round, it will not be particularly effective against opponents in armor, but it reloads quickly and shows itself well from a long distance.
  • Glock-18 - a feature of this skin is the ability to fire a burst of three patrons, while the player can switch to semi-automatic mode at will.
  • Tec-9 - perfect for a terrorist player who fights at close range, in this situation, the enemy faces high damage.
  • CZ75-Auto - shoots in bursts and is extremely effective against armor, but it has a small supply of ammunition, so you have to be economical.
  • P250 - with a small recoil and a relatively modest price, this item can quite decently cause dangerous damage. 


Since pistol skins on CSGO are in the greatest demand among players, a lot of questions related to them have accumulated. 

How much is the pistol skins worth in CSGO?

If we take the range of in-game prices for all CSGO pistol skin, then it starts from $ 300 for the most basic samples and reaches $ 700 for options that are distinguished by higher accuracy, power and armor-piercing. The average price for a decent item in the game is $ 500.

What are the most expensive and cheapest pistol skins in CS:GO?

The most expensive among the pistol skin cs go was Glock-18 | Fade - now you will have to pay almost $ 1300 for the quality of Factory New, and judging by the market trend, the price may rise even more. Considering that most of the pistols in cs go are quite budgetary, there are many cheap options. Now the most affordable is the R8 Revolver | Bone Mask for only 3 cents.

How many pistols are in CSGO?

In total, there are 10 types of different pistols in the game. Some can only be used by terrorists or vice versa only by counter-terrorists. We have described in more detail about each pistol skin and their main characteristics above.

How to get CSGO pistol skins?How to get CSGO pistol skins?

Knowing that this type of weapon is the most popular and at the same time inexpensive in the game, you can easily purchase it on the Steam marketplace. But we would recommend a more interesting way - open our branded cases on the site Bloodycase.com. The probability of a pistol falling out there is very high, and the cases themselves can be found from 30 cents. But here you also have the opportunity to win a skin much more expensive than the cost of the case itself. Plus, you can even get free cases as a bonus!