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CSGO Skin upgrader

Playing CS: GO you regularly come across skins. They have long become an integral part of the game. Everyone knows that these items do not give any combat advantage, but they still want them, because it is the skins that can make the image of your character more colorful and individual. There are a lot of skins, they differ in quality and rarity, the price directly depends on this. We have already talked about the fact that there are many ways how to get CSGO skins for free, but as a rule, in this case, you most often get inexpensive items. Therefore, it is quite logical that you have a question “can the skin be improved?” Today we will talk in detail about skin upgrade CS GO.

What is CSGO upgrade?

In simple words, CSGO skins upgrade is an opportunity to improve an item you have, or rather exchange it for the desired one. In a sense, this is a lottery, but here you know for sure your chance of winning. It should be remembered that the more expensive the desired item is in relation to the cost of the skin that you want to exchange, the less chance of winning. How does it work? For example, you received a skin worth 43 cents, and you want to receive an item for $ 20, then your chance of a successful upgrade will be only 2%. Then the wheel spins and if the arrow stops in this small range – congratulations, you won and now you will have a new skin in your profile instead of the one you wanted to improve. If you do not fall into the winning range, then, alas, you lose the item that you wanted to exchange, but you get cashback for it. Just rate your chance of success and we wish you good luck!

Where is it the best to upgrade skins CSGO?

Googling, you will surely find many online resources that will offer you to upgrade skin CS GO. But do you trust them? We can say with confidence that our BloodyCase.com is the best CSGO skin upgrade site, at least one of the top ones. Why? Because we have created a unique CSGO skin upgrade simulator based on a mathematical algorithm, which most honestly demonstrates the chance of a real victory and we are, as always, very loyal to our users. Even if you lose, we always have something to cheer you up – you will immediately receive a pleasant cashback on your balance in the form of a bonus. But that is not all! We understand that everyone has unlucky days. It happens that you just have no luck, so we made a decision that if you had 5 unsuccessful upgrades in a row, then in the last one you WILL NOT LOSE the skin you wanted to improve. So later you will have another chance to try your luck and be less upset.

How to upgrade skins: mini guide

There is nothing difficult to upgrade your skin CSGO. To get started, you need to register / log in to BloodyCase.com. Then click the button to go to the CSGO skin upgrade simulator section. So that you can quickly understand how it works, we have written a clear instruction in just three steps. So let’s figure it out together!

  • The first thing you should do is choose a skin from your collection that you would like to exchange for something more valuable. If you do not have such an item, then you can use your balance, choosing the amount with which you want to try to upgrade, it kind of replaces the cost of your skin.
  • The second step is choosing the skin that you would like to receive as a result of the upgrade. But we remind you that the more expensive it is in relation to the cost of your skin, the less chance of winning.
  • Now you will see what percentage your chance of success is. If it suits you, then start scrolling the wheel. If the arrow falls into the same lucky range, you have become the owner of a new item. If not, then you lose your item or amount, but you are guaranteed to receive cashback as compensation.

What CSGO skins are the best to upgrade?

Of course, there is no definite answer to this question, but we can give you some recommendations that can help you make a successful upgrade skin. Firstly, if you are a beginner player and just want to figure out how it works, then we advise you to choose inexpensive items from your profile that you will not mind losing in case of failure. Also, choose from the items you want to get those whose cost does not greatly exceed the cost of your skin. Thus, your chance of good luck will be much higher. If you are already well acquainted with upgrades and want to try to play high, then try to put cool skins for which you have duplicates, so you can try to hit the jackpot and not lose an expensive item forever. In any case, this is just a game for fun, which in the end can also bring a good profit!

Now you know everything about what skin upgrade CS GO is. We have created for our users the most transparent and fair conditions for participation without any pitfalls. So rather choose for a CSGO upgrade skin that you would like to exchange for a more interesting one, evaluate your chances of success and now win!