CSGO Nomad Knife Skins

Nomad Knife
Item Type
1 keyboard_arrow_right

This CS GO nomad knife belongs to a melee weapon and has a rare interesting animation - when the character inspects an object, it flips the knife several times and an exceptional animation when changing the object - the player shifts the knife from one hand to another and cuts his finger. 

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Players always have a lot of questions when buying a new item, because everything in the World costs money and it is important to know how profitable the purchase will be. Let's figure out what's what.

What CS:GO cases have Nomad knife?

Basically, these knives are contained in the following cases: Shattered webFracture. Almost all nomad CSGO knife are in cases and you can play hard to get exactly the one you are interested in. So there are no problems and disappointments.

How much is the Nomad knife in CS:GO?

These are reasonably nomad knife CSGO price. You can easily buy a knife in your favorite design from $130 to $700. However, there are some nuances - the degree of wear, which greatly affects the price, so an item that costs from $ 200 can go up to $ 1000 and $ 2000 depending on this. But there is also a very high price tag for the th knife, but with rimmed characteristics - 3 cobwebs on the blade of Nomad Knife | Crimson Web (Nomad CW) asks up to $15,000 for it, but it's almost impossible to find. The most affordable knife option - Nomad Knife | Forest DDPAT for $130-150$.

How to get csgo Nomad knife skins?

To get the desired item, you just need to study the composition of the cases and open them before the knife falls out. On our csgo website – bloodycase.com in addition to knives, you can find a lot of interesting things, including unique cases.

Is Nomad knife good CS:GO?

Any weapon in the game is definitely good. A knife is necessary for any player, but what are the advantages? Well, at least that's the price. You will be able to find an interesting design item exactly according to your taste and desire. The prices are very pleasant, good animation, which will add emotions to the game. This item is in no way inferior to analogues in terms of characteristics and kills the enemy in 1 backstab.