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★ Bayonet Skins

★ Bayonet
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Of course, such a game as Counter Strike simply could not help but introduce such a skin as a bayonet into the range of game weapons. After all, this is a truly iconic knife that has been used for decades in real combat conditions. Initially, the creators of the game planned that these items would be available only to counter-terrorists, but then the vision changed and now everyone can use this knife. Yes, it has a rather laconic design, the coloring is not as futuristic as some other models. However, we can say that among all CS GO knife skins bayonet occupies an honorable middle ground in terms of functionality and appearance.


All bayonet skins have the same damage output. The first plus is that with a knife your character can move around the map at maximum speed. As for the attack, the cutting is much superior to the piercing, this moment must be taken into account when choosing such a knife as the main type of weapon. When it comes to competitive rewards, you will receive the same monetary reward for killing with the bayonet as you would with a standard knife. Then we answer all popular questions.

What case has CSGO bayonet skins?

The bayonet knife can fall out when opening completely different cases in CS GO, since it is not tied to any specific operation or collection. Therefore, if you are counting on luck and do not want to spend money on buying a specific knife, it makes sense to buy several cheap cases at once in the hope that you will be lucky, and in any of them the desired mount will fall out. And, if this happens, consider yourself really lucky. After all, the bayonet cannot be called a cheap knife.


How much is the bayonet worth in CSGO?

CSGO bayonet skins cannot be categorized as budget. The price for the most modest specimens is around $ 70-80. On average, you will have to spend several hundred on an attractive model.

What is the most expensive and cheapest bayonet in CS:GO?

We have already mentioned that this type of cold steel is quite expensive. Most Affordable Bayonet | Forest DDPAT in the worst quality will cost from 70 bucks in incentive. But for the beautiful and bright Bayonet | Doppler Sapphire will have to pay about 8 thousand!


How to get bayonet skins CSGO?

As always, the player has 2 ways to get the skin. The first is to choose the one you like and suitable for the budget on the steam market. But given the information above, you already know that such a deal would be difficult to call profitable. But do not be discouraged, even if you do not have an extra few hundred dollars for a game knife, you always have a chance to win it by opening cases on Bloodycase.com. In this case, you will spend a very small amount, and if luck is on your side, you will get a really worthwhile skin!

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