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Stiletto Knife
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Stiletto knife CSGO is a game model based on old italian melee weapons. This knife has been repeatedly banned, despite its compactness, this is a very dangerous weapon. By design, this is a folding thin and long triangular blade capable of inflicting deep stab wounds, it was even called the "armor piercer". The role of this knife in the Counter Strike Global Offensive will be discussed below.

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Like all edged weapons in the game CS GO stiletto knife is in great demand among gamers. We will answer questions about its advantages and disadvantages.

How much is a stiletto knife worth in CSGO?

The stiletto is not the most expensive knife in CS:GO. Its average price on the trading floor is about $190. At the same time, in the game for the kills by this weapon, you can get a solid reward of 750/1500 dollars. The price for the purchase is quite justified, because the knife really does good damage to the opponent and even has a cool animation.

What cases have stiletto knife?

All stiletto knife skins are scattered throughout different cases, most of them you will find in Prisma Case, Prisma 2Horizon and Danger Zone.

What is the most expensive and cheapest stiletto knife in CS:GO?

Stiletto Knife | Rust Coat is the cheapest stiletto knife CSGO. Its design is not very catchy, but it fully corresponds to its name: the steel surfaces of the blade and limiter are covered with an uneven layer of rust. The color of the metal depends on the degree of wear and varies from gray-blue to orange-brown. The price is about 120 dollars. The most expensive one is Stiletto Knife | The Doppler Sapphire blade is painted in an amazing deep blue color. For such luxurious skin, you need to pay at least $ 2,700.

How to get CSGO stiletto knife skins?

You always have a choice how you want to get the skin. The first is suitable for gamers who have chosen a specific item in advance and immediately have the full amount for its purchase. In this case, you need to go to the Steam market and make a deal on the site. If, for example, you just want a knife, but don't know which one yet, or your budget doesn't allow you to buy it right away, or maybe you just want to have fun - open fantastic cases with skins on Bloodycase.com!