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Falchion Knife
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The Falchion knife has been known since the Middle Ages. Then it was much more bulky and was used most often in everyday life. As CSGO skins falchion appeared simultaneously with the Bloodhound update. In the game, it has become much more compact and is used as a weapon to kill the enemy. From the moment it was added, it immediately began to be in rather high demand. 

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Like any melee weapon in the game, the falchion knife allows the character to move quickly. If we talk about the distinctive characteristics of this particular skin, then it has incomparable animations that gamers love so much. Most of all, when viewed, the ability of the knife to balance in the palm of your hand is impressive. But falchion knife CSGO inventory is good not only for this, we will tell you below why it is worth buying.

What cases have Falchion knives in?

Now the list of falchion skins has 24 knives in total, but, alas, it will not be possible to find them all in one case. All of them are scattered across cases of various operations. Most of the popular items are in:

Is the Falchion Knife worth it?

Yes, this knife absolutely deserves attention and is worth it to get it in your collection. The huge demand for it was due to the large number of interesting animations. But besides, the price of skins, especially in not the best quality, is quite affordable (by the standards of knives), which makes this model even more attractive to purchase.

How much is a falchion knife worth in CSGO?

Given that knives are considered luxurious and extremely expensive items in CS GO, Falchion knives can be called one of the most affordable. At the moment, the average price for such a skin is from 90 to 350 dollars (depending on the degree of wear and the rarity of the design). For a knife, this is really a great value!

When were CSGO Falchion knife skins added?

As mentioned at the beginning, these types of knives, were released at the same time as Operation Bloodhound. Its release took place at the end of May 2015. Since then, there have been many new beautiful skins in this category.

What are the most expensive and the cheapest falchion knife skins in CS:GO?

The most budget in this category is Falchion Knife | Rust Coat as Battle-Scarred for about $90. And the most expensive relatively new (2021) bright Falchion Knife | Gamma Doppler Emerald, whose price has already reached $1,700.

How to get CS GO falchion knife skins?

As well as other in-game items, all falchion knife skins can be found on the official Steam marketplace. However, this does not guarantee that at the time of purchase the item you have chosen will definitely be in stock, sometimes you have to wait and sometimes for quite a long time, in addition, the price here may be too high. Therefore, if you have a touch of excitement, then we recommend trying to open csgo cases on the Bloodycase.com website where you will 100% get a cool item, and even if it turns out not to be a good you can always try to upgrade it right here on the site.