CSGO Ursus Knife Skins

Ursus Knife
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Are you looking complete information about the ursus knife CSGO? In this description you will find all the information about such a basic item as a knife. Let's start with the simplest - this is a melee weapon, related to both stabbing and cutting weapons in the tanto style, the blade of the knife is faceted, and the shank is solid, complete with a percussion pommel. 

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To buy an item, you will need various information such as: characteristics and whether the purchase will be relevant to the market. We will answer all questions, including how much you need to buy it and for which knife you will have to pay a lot.

How much does a Ursus knife cost in CSGO?

The ursus knife CSGO price difference is low. Cheapest Item - Ursus Knife | Rust Coat, for which you will pay $115 without a StatTrak counter and $120 to $160 with a counter. The layer of rust varies with the degree of wear, as well as the price. Most will have to pay for - Ursus Knife | Doppler Ruby can be purchased without StatTrak and with respectively prices ranging from $2400-$2600 to $2500-$6600. This price was formed due to difficulties with the purchase of this knife, it is not freely available. Outwardly, the object looks cool - the blade of the knife is painted like metal, on which patterns of wavy lines are applied that resemble puffs of smoke. The color scheme is red, the colors play with each other creating gradient transitions. But there is also a rarer skin and a hefty price difference - $15,000 - This is a bear knife | Crimson Web, its feature is three or more cobwebs on a knife blade, with two or less cobwebs give much less and you can even buy for $250-300.

Is Ursus knife good CS:GO?

We want to emphasize one important plus of the of the CS GO ursus knife skins - instant death when stabbed in the back. Everything else does not matter if you kill the enemy with one blow - irrefutable.

What CS:GO cases have Ursus knife?

You can open cases and win basic or more interesting versions in 4 cases: HorizonPrismaPrisma2Danger Zone. Of course, it is impossible to find all ursus knife skins in cases and you will have to run around different sellers to find the most unique ones, but even basic configurations can improve your game

How to get csgo Ursus knife skins?

Nothing unusual. Or open cases or buy on Steam. Go to bloodycase.com and win what inspires you!