CSGO Flip Knife Skins

Flip Knife
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One of the very first knives to appear in Counter Strike. Despite the name, CS flip knife skins cannot be folded because the blade is longer than the handle. A piercing attack will be more effective than a cutting one, so to kill an opponent in this mode, you need to inflict 2 blows to the head and 1 from the back. At the same time, for a kill in a competitive mode, you can get as much as one and a half thousand dollars!

These are all the basic parameters that a player may need to select good flip knife CS GO skins. The price range allows you to choose an item for every taste and budget. This is a decent option, primarily for those who are interested in knives, but still do not have a lot of money to buy a top skin.

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If you have long wanted to replenish your collection with some instance of edged weapons, then the flip knife is quite an attractive item in terms of price and quality. We answer all questions related to these skins below.

What csgo case has flip knife?

How much is a flip knife worth in CS GO?

This is a relatively budget version considering the cost of other knife skins. The average cost in the market is about $ 70. This is quite a reasonable price for an attractive appearance and beautiful animation. But some items of this type are much more expensive.

What are the most expensive and cheapest CSGO flip knife skins?

The cheapest at the moment is the relative Flip Knife | Rust Coat as Battle Scarred for about $ 110. Flip Knife will be the most expensive | Doppler Sapphire Factory New with StatTrak counter, priced at approximately $ 4,000.

How to get flip knife skins?

The cheapest option is always available to users, which consists in waiting for such an item to fall out of the case inside the game. However, players know that skins such as knives are extremely rare to drop. If you have the required amount on hand, you can purchase your favorite flip knife on the Steam market. But if it is more important for you to get a cool skin and emotions at the same time, then we recommend trying to win a skin on the site Bloodycase.com