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We think that you know perfectly well about the Karambit knife, and so - in this article we want to tell you about its modification - talon knife CS GO. This is an unexpected weapon with a curved blade and a reverse grip. Cool animation with several images deserves special attention!


In conclusion, we want to tell you that the best talon skins include Talon Knife | Doppler Ruby, Talon Knife | Crimson Web, Talon Knife | Doppler Black Pearl, Talon Knife | Doppler Sapphire, Talon Knife | ultraviolet. These skins are quite difficult to find and the price is high. But if you already find such a rare copy, you will enjoy the cool scrolling graphics of the knife in your hand for a long time, cool design and, of course, you can sell it very profitably. What few have is always highly valued! 

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With an ivory handle, copper rivets and a serrated blade, this knife cuts in and tears out. We have not underestimated this description. Are you already intrigued by what other surprises the knife hides? We will answer the most common questions below.

How much is Talon knife worth in CSGO?

The range of talon knife CSGO price is quite pronounced. For a skin in good quality, you will have to pay from $300 to $15,000. Not a little, is it? So let's figure out why that is.

What is the most expensive and most cheapest navaja talon knife skins?

A basic skin with minimal wear such as a Talon Knife | Rust Coat will cost about $250 with an with StarTalk option - about $300. The most expensive item in this grid is Talon Knife | Crimson Web will cost $6400 but with the StarTalk option for a huge check of $15000. This item is worth the price for many reasons, firstly it is limited and secondly it has a very cool design. The blade of the knife is painted with red semi-gloss paint and complemented with a pattern in the form of a black cobweb. The handle of the knife is painted black. It is also interesting that the number of webs plays a big role in pricing, so a knife with 3 webs on the blade will be more expensive and rare, and with two more common

How to get csgo talon knife skins?

You can get less rare skins using cases at various sites, including our website. All talon knife skins you can buy a specific skin on the Steam site.

What cases have talon knife skins?

Many cases include such knives because the item is quite popular. The most common keywords from the Steam website are PrismaPrisma2Danger ZoneHorizon. Of course, there are cool author's cases on our site bloodycase.com – Knifes Case & fade Case. But there's a lot more to these cases!