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Shadow daggers CSGO are a cold piercing cutting weapon in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game, used in close combat. Quick blows with two knives in the back of the enemy allow him to be neutralized. You can buy this skin for playing both terrorists and special forces. These are one of the most inexpensive and one-paired knives in the game. They were added to the game on September 17, 2015 temporarily with the release of the Dark Case.


What CSGO cases have shadow daggers ?

There is a small pool of cases that contain such knives: Shadow CaseSpectrum CaseSpectrum 2 Case or Operation Riptide Case, Dream & Nightmare Case. In all cases there are unique and rare specimens with a cool design. For example, CS GO shadow daggers price of Shadow case – 1,50$, this case contains 11 knives & other shadow skins.

What are the most expensive and the cheapest shadow daggers in CS:GO?

The most affordable knife in this category is Shadow Daggers | Rust Coat, which starts at $69. The most money you will have to pay for Shadow Daggers | Gamma Doppler Emerald - over $900 if you can find it. This is a new item with a beautiful design in a rare color that you will have to run and shell out for a large amount

How much is a shadow daggers skins worth in CSGO?

The minimum price for Shadow Daggers in the worst quality without StatTrak at the moment is about $73. As an example, you can highlight the poke knives in the coloring "African Mesh" as "Battle-Scarred". The worst quality StatTrak knives are also cheap. For example, poke knives, battle-hardened, painted in the style of "Pixel Camouflage Forest", equipped with StatTrak cost only $ 10 of the most expensive poke knives without a football counter. The price for them is only $70-80. The upper price ceiling for bonder knives starts at $900


How to get CSGO shadow dagger skins?

You can open the case that includes these skins on our website and try your luck, as well as extract some money or find the skin you need on Steam.

Is the shadow daggers knife worth it?

In our opinion, the shadow daggers all skins are worth buying for a number of reasons: the characterization of the knife, the cool animation of the two knives, and of course, the kill reward. The structure of the knife is very close to the original and well thought out, which improves its performance in the game at the base of the blade there is a small guard. On the handles of the knives there are three holes, obviously designed for a more secure grip. The knives are held similarly to their real prototype, the grip resembles a worn brass knuckles or holding a wine corkscrew. The blade is double-edged, apparently adapted for painful thrusting. The knife inspection animations are also quite interesting. The right knife will scroll effectively, the player will hold the left blade gracefully on his fingertips, which, of course, is appropriate for such small knives. While switching to the knife slot, the player will again be entertainingly scrolling the right knife in his hand. The animations of the poke knives are still quite unique and correspond to the very original appearance of the knives themselves. Let's get back to the most interesting thing, and what knives give in the game - Armed with CS GO shadow dagger skins, the player will get maximum speed and the ability to kill the enemy with one "cutting" blow to the back. The kill reward will be $750 in normal mode and $1500 in competitive mode. If you use fast attacks, it will take longer and, accordingly, more hits, since each subsequent one will be weaker than the previous one.


Summing up, we can say that these knives are not a necessary thing and are cheaper than karambit, for example, which is more in demand. However, there are many expensive and unique knives in this line that are very difficult to obtain. The whole line is quite new and this may be one of the reasons for the lesser prevalence. Any gamer chooses weapons according to their parameters and convenience, but we believe that there are undeniable advantages of these knives: you have a pair of knives, not just one, an adequate price and a cool profit for killing. And then - you choose.

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