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★ Karambit Skins

★ Karambit
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Like all knives, karambit CSGO skins are a very valuable and desirable item in the game. The history of this knife has its origins in Asia, it was created for use in the martial art of Silat. This is one of the first types of knives to appear in Counter Strike. It features a curved blade and a reverse grip.


Based on the fact that this type of knives remains very recognizable and in demand among CS players: GO has accumulated a large number of questions related to their receipt, application, price, etc. Let's answer each one in turn.

What CSGO cases have karambit knife skins?

Speaking of the standard yellow cases inside the game, the most attractive CSGO karambit knife skins are found in the following cases: Chrome Weapon Case, Chrome Case #2Chrome Case #3Operation Phoenix Weapon Case.

What's the rarest Karambit in CSGO?

Among the rather large assortment of karambit knife all skins, the item Karambit | Case Hardened attracts the greatest attention of collectors. More specifically, this skin with a pattern 387, where a large area of the blade is covered with a blue gradient. Rumor has it that they are ready to pay 800 thousand dollars for the bluest copy.

What is the most expensive and cheapest karambit in CS:GO?

At the moment, the most loyal in terms of price is Karambit | Rust Coat (Battle-Scarred), which starts at $ 350. And the most expensive Karambit | Doppler Sapphire (Factory New) with a price of 15 thousand dollars.


How much is the Karambit worth in CSGO?

As we said, the blue gems of Karambit | Case Hardened are the most valuable. Even 5 years ago, the price for such an item was 100 thousand dollars, and in 5 years it has grown as much as 8 times!

How much is the Karambit worth in CSGO?

If among all the CSGO knife skins karambit you liked the most, then you have 2 options to get it. The first is the classic one, go to the Steam trading market and find a suitable item there. But given that this knife is quite expensive, we recommend that you pay attention to the opportunity to win a cool karambit when you open a case on BloodyCase.com, because this way you can get pleasure from the game and spend less money!


This type of knife is undeniably beautiful and has a high rating for many years. According to our forecasts, the demand for them is unlikely to fall in the near future, so prices for rare specimens will also increase, so if you are considering purchasing this model, we recommend you hurry up.

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