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Butterfly Knife
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CSGO butterfly knife skins are among the most requested in the game. The prototype for its appearance was the famous Finnish knife. This is a rather dangerous weapon that is put on alert with just one wave of the hand. In Counter Strike, Knife has some cool animations that grab attention and make the game more interesting. These skins are available to players from both teams.

We hope that this collection of useful information about butterfly knives cs go was useful to you. Here is everything about the cost, the rarest examples and how you can get them.

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Since the popularity of such knives does not fall over the years, but only grows, we have collected the top popular questions about them and will give an answer to everything below.

What csgo case has a butterfly knife?

All CS GO butterfly knife skins are in the following cases: Spectrum and Spectrum 2Operation Breakout Weapon Case and Operation Riptide Case.

What is the rarest butterfly knife skin?

Butterfly Knife | Marble Fade as Factory New is the rarest example of this model. You will hardly find it in the game, and on the marketplace the price for such an item can reach several thousand dollars.

How much is a butterfly knife worth in CSGO?

Butterfly knife skins CSGO cannot be called cheap for a long time. Now their average cost on trading floors has already reached thousands of dollars and it probably will not fall in the near future.

What are the most expensive and cheapest butterfly knife skins?

The most expensive skin of this type comes from the "Waters of Prey" update - Butterfly Knife | Gamma Doppler Emerald, its cost is just crazy 24 thousand dollars! And the most budgetary, if I can say so at all - Butterfly Knife | Safari Mesh (Field Tested) priced at around $ 330.

How to get cs go butterfly knife skins?

Fans of Counter Strike who are interested in assembling a collection of knives skins have two options - to purchase the option they like on the marketplace, if, of course, you have extra money. Or be in the role of an adventurer and try to win such a skin from the unique cases on Bloodycase.com, you don't need a lot of money here, just a bit of luck!