CSGO tips – how to play like a pro

Today, esports is developing at an unprecedented rate. People who play their favorite games well have learned how to make millions of dollars from it. Of course, it only sounds so simple. In fact, it is a difficult and exhausting work that requires a lot of preparation. But what if you are ready to go for it? Or just for yourself want to learn to play at the highest level in order to be the best among your comrades? Whichever option you choose for yourself, all the useful tips are collected in this article – how to become a pro CSGO player.

CSGO tips - how to play like a pro

Optimize your PC and devices

To really be able to play at the top level, of course, you need good and high-quality equipment. After all, the speed of the game loading will depend on it, at what resolution you can play, and how comfortable it will be for you to stay for hours in front of the monitor. But not every fan has the opportunity to buy expensive equipment, so below we will analyze CSGO tips regarding gadgets, which of these is really worth the money, and what you can save on.

  • Mouse – a simple but very important tool that you definitely need to pay attention to. Correctly chosen parameters can immediately increase your rank by several levels and help you hone your personal skill. Most players use the default settings for their mouse as Counter Stike tips. The pointer speed should match the default setting of 6 out of 11. Do not forget to check your mouse software settings and disable acceleration if enabled. Research among CS: GO players at various levels has shown that higher ranked players use a sensitivity below 1000 DPI, while Silver ranked players around 3000 DPI. The most popular value is around 400 DPI.
  • Keybord – another item that you simply cannot do without when playing Counter Strike. It is clear that everyone has a keyboard at home, but how do you choose the one that will maximize your success in the game? There are now over a hundred keyboards out there that are developed specifically for gamers. Not only will they help you with your games, but you will also have more fun with the game thanks to how good you are when it comes to movement, accuracy, and winning moments. But, among professionals, mechanical keyboards deserve the greatest respect – this is another tips for CSGO, since they will last longer, and the accuracy will be higher. Everything else – size, color and lighting – is purely a matter of taste.
  • Video Card – one of the most important elements of a computer is a video card. For professional gamers, the most important indicator in CSGO is FPS, and the higher the better. Even gamers who play on top-end hardware often play at medium or minimal texture settings and low resolution for maximum fps. Amateurs need to choose a video card based on the resolution and hertz of the monitor you want to play on. By the way, here are a couple of CSGO tips and tricks: it’s better to use UltraHD (4K) or QuatroHD (2K) screens. On such monitors, you can spot the enemy earlier and start the attack earlier than the opponent!
  • Sound – you won’t be a successful CSGO player if you don’t learn to hear all the important sounds. With their help, you will be able to better navigate the map. Thanks to them, it will be easier for you to figure out how your opponents are moving. However, do not forget that enemies can hear you too. And you can use this to your advantage! Go to the point you need, make some noise and leave without making a sound. This is why it is extremely important to play with the sound on and at a sufficient volume.
  • Microphone – it is a necessary tool for instant communication with members of your team, which can be very important in a responsible game moment. You can select the volume of the sound from a specific player by right-clicking on his nickname, and then select the speaker. If you click on it once, then you completely mute the sound received from it. But by holding the mouse and moving it, you can select the level (scale from 0.1 to 1). Here are some more cool CSGO pro tips: you can configure it so that live players will not hear the communication of the dead (so as not to interfere with finishing the round). This is often done by professional players to discuss the situation before the start of the next round. It is enough to write the sv_deadtalk command in the console. Re-writing disables its activity.

CSGO tips - how to play like a pro

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Watch the best players to learn

Everyone who thinks about how to become a CS GO pro probably already have their own idol from the world of esports. But in any case, you will need to follow the matches of all strong teams, analyze their actions and learn from other people’s mistakes. You will also need to learn on your own, but it is important to conduct a complete analysis of each match in order to understand why and how the team managed to win. By watching them play, it will be easier for you to learn most of the CS GO pro tips. Below we will tell you about the top players we recommend to watch.

  • Aleksandr Kostyliev – S1mple – as part of NaVi, he became a superstar in the world of esports. In 2018, he became the best in the world ranking according to HLTV. According to EsportEarnings, s1mple has earned $ 663,689 in prize money in his career. Kostylev is convinced that the main thing for an esports player is not to think about money, but to enjoy the game. S1mple hates losing and trains eight hours a day with the team and several hours individually. The players work with a psychologist, which is rare in esports – he was hired on the initiative of s1mple. According to Kostylev, victory is impossible without good relations in the team.
  • Dmitry Sokolov – Sh1ro – started his career as a pro player in 2018. In May, he joined the Fluffy Gangsters. With this team, Dmitry won the Russian eSports Championship 2018. In April 2019, sh1ro became a player in Gambit Youngsters – the youth roster of Gambit Esports. Over time, Gambit Youngsters became the main team of the club. The peak point in the development of this Gambit roster is the team’s victory at IEM Katowice 2021. At the end of the tournament, sh1ro was recognized as the most valuable player.
  • Mathieu Herbaut – ZywOo – professional CS: GO player from France. They predicted a great future for him. In October 2018, he got his chance – Mathieu moved to Team Vitality and immediately became the main star of the team. At the end of 2019, ZywOo was recognized as the best player in the world according to HLTV.org. A year later, Erbo repeated his achievement. At the end of 2020, Vitality was considered one of the strongest teams on the planet. The roster won two major events: IEM Beijing-Haidian 2020 and BLAST Premier: Fall 2020.
  • Mareks Gaļinskis – YEKINDAR – a young but very promising Latvian player. He gained popularity after joining the Virtus.pro team, where he began to achieve new heights. In April 2021, he even temporarily bypassed one of the strongest players S1mple by 2 points.
  • Nicolai Reedtz – dev1ce – every year he is among the top 10 best players in the CS: GO scene, he was recognized as the MVP of major tournaments 18 times. In 2018, dev1ce set the record for the most MVP awards in one year: he won 7 medals, beating Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund, who managed to become the “Most Valuable Player” as many as 6 times in 2013.

CSGO tips - how to play like a pro

Explore the features of the weapon

It is impossible to imagine a list of the best CSGO tips without mentioning the in-game weapon and its characteristics. Shooting in CS: GO is the hardest thing to master for those who are wondering how to go pro in CS GO. Weapons in the game are a bit like real ones – they have high recoil, spread, and strength. The easiest way to test this is to run an experiment. Just shoot a series at the wall without moving the mouse in any way. Do you see the bullet marks? A good player can manipulate the recoil to see one set of holes.

Here are some of the best weapons:

SSG 08 – when playing with it, speed is key, which means that the higher you set the sensitivity, the higher your skill level will be. Although it takes a lot of time to get used to the high sensitivity. Important information: When playing with a scout, you need to check every corner and be able to react to any movement or sound. Although, having a high sensitivity, it becomes incredibly difficult to use any other weapon that does not have a zoom, but still.

UMP-45 – the gameplay with the UMP is similar in some aspects to the AK-47. Preferred for use at small and medium distances (the UMP-45 has a range of 11 meters). The best shooting technique both for mastering and for practical use is “burst”, or burst shooting. CS:GO tips: the best way to shoot is by bursting. But not because of the high spread, as with the AK-47, but because of the small magazine, which has only 25 rounds and a long reloading time. Shooting one bullet at a time does not make sense, because the UMP-45 does less damage.

Desert Eagle – since ancient times, it has been popular not only as a pistol that is used in force rounds, but also as an additional murder weapon for a sniper. This pistol can be taken when your team has an unstable economy, but requires a weapon with enormous power. There are 3 common types of play with this weapon: cover shooting, prefire shooting, and strafe shooting.

AK-47 – if you are shooting from afar, it is best to try firing one or two shots. If you are shooting from close range, then you should think about the clamp. If you have learned the shooting pattern well, then you can easily pick up 2-3 enemies from near. You always need to understand that when shooting with an AK-47, there will not be one answer to all questions, and you need to adapt to the game of your teammates and opponents.

AWP – is the main tool of a sniper. And like any other tool, it requires special skills for work and training. It is a formidable weapon in the hands of a skilled player. The rifle comes with 3 more magazines. The main advantage of the weapon is its damage. This is the most powerful rifle in the game. Also, the pluses of this skin include high shooting accuracy and the presence of a powerful optical sight. All this makes the weapon even more deadly, especially at long range.

CSGO tips - how to play like a pro

Get the right play equipment

For those who have decided to connect their life with the game professionally, one of the key tips for CS GO will be recommendations for buying more powerful gaming equipment. Having a PC that can play games smoothly and without lag is vital. However, you don’t need to have the latest graphics card on the market. It is enough to choose the one that will become a universal assistant in life. It is also recommended to have a thin and light gaming laptop. Advantage: you can take it with you when traveling and not stop training. Every minute of practice counts.

Practice is the most important factor

Professional esports is very different from amateur game. To achieve significant heights, you need to treat it as a job, and not just as a hobby. To begin with, you will have to devote your life to the game and devote most of your free time to training. At least 5 hours a day, 5 days a week. Naturally, you will have to sacrifice a lot, and instead of spending time with a girl or friends, sit at the computer. All your free time will need to be devoted to the game and the team you have to play with. But it is hard training and analysis of your mistakes that give positive results.

Stick to a role that suits you

There are five main roles. This is a tank or Rambo (English Entry Fragger), assistant or cover (Support), captain (In Game Leader), sniper (AWPer) and rat (Lurker). In addition, there are also minor roles. These include the position of the second sniper, coach and playmaker. This division came to amateur CS GO from professional esports. There is nothing difficult in learning how to distribute CS: GO roles among the players on your team. Therefore, practice for a start in different roles, and then develop in what you like best.

Some other CS GO tips and tricks to play like a pro:

If you are seriously thinking about building a more or less professional gaming career, then you need to take into account a few more important points. Below we have prepared a small list of CS GO advanced tips.

  • An experienced Counter-Strike 1.6 player has always been distinguished by the ability to hear everything that happens around him: any sounds could give out the movement of an opponent and allow him to make important frags. There were several typical textures in the game, to which their own footsteps were attached. For example, the sound of footsteps on the street (on sand) or in the snow, as well as the sound of running on a metal surface.
  • Learn to disguise steps – usually an experienced player would shoot at his feet at the moment of landing. Thus, for the defender inside the building, it all looked like a short shot in the street. Other sounds could be masked in a similar way. For example, opening doors or walking stairs. In the dynamics of fast combat, this works really well.
  • Hone your shooting skills – your bullets do not fly in a straight line in the direction of the crosshair, but slightly change the trajectory in accordance with the recoil of the weapon. Beginners will find it helpful to practice bursting to get used to the recoil and to minimize its impact. Spray shooting (this is when you pull the trigger all the way) is usually used in close combat. If you are shooting spray, lower the scope down to compensate for recoil. If you’ve only spent a few bullets, don’t reload right away: it’s best to make sure you’re ready to face other unexpected enemies. Find a safe place to recharge and do not recharge unnecessarily.
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Here we have collected all the useful information for those who are interested in how to become a pro CS GO player. After reading this article to the end, you have learned about all counter strike go tips. It describes what it costs to buy equipment, how much time you need to spend in the game to achieve maximum results, what roles of the characters exist and what weapon is better to shoot in different situations. So we wish you every success!

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