The Best Free Dota 2 Case Site: BloodyCase

Released in 2013, the Dota 2 multiplayer arena constantly amazes gamers with the variety of its loot. There are several ways to get Dota 2 skins — by making the purchase in the in-game store, buying them through trading, getting gifts, using bonus codes, opening treasure, etc. However, many users are searching for Dota 2 cases opening for free. The BloodyCase site offers another simple yet efficient approach to that. Intrigued? Stay tuned for more detail!

How to Get Free Dota 2 Cases: Step-by-Step Instruction at BloodyCase

Any member of the BloodyCase community can get good Dota 2 cases for free without buying them. Here is a quick guide.

Step 1: Registration

To add free cases of Dota 2 to your collection, you have to be a registered member of the community. Sign up for the BloodyCase games services in seconds via a chosen social media:

  • the account you’ve got on Steam;
  • Google;
  • Facebook;
  • Twitch;
  • Discord.

You have to be at least eighteen years old, consent, and abide by the site's terms and policies.

Step 2: Collect Your Cases

After registration, you can find more skins for Dota 2 in the Free Cases on the menu. Only Registered users have access to them and can open all of them. In total, the BloodyCase site gives you five free cases.

Step 3: Make a Deposit

You are welcome to withdraw the items received in Dota 2 cases to your Steam account. Please note this transfer is possible only when your profile on the BloodyCase is deposited. Your Steam funds aren’t considered eligible.


What Dota 2 cases can I receive for free?

Overall, you will get five cases to open. They differ in terms of colors and the rarity of items to obtain. Lucky users can even get Epic and Legendary ones.

How soon will I get my free case Dota 2?

Users can sign up for the BloodyCase services and open five free cases with Dota 2 skins immediately. Please note this is a one-time thing.

Will I be able to sell my Dota 2 free case?

This operation isn’t available on the BloodyCase site directly. Users can withdraw these items to their Steam account for further sales and exchanges.