How to kick yourself in CSGO

We are all familiar with situations where things don’t go according to plan. This happens both in real life and in the game. Many gamers are faced with a problem when it no longer makes any sense to continue the battle, its outcome is clear, but they do not know how to leave the game. In Counter Strike: Global Offensive, it is not very easy to do this, and many do not even know how. Therefore, today we will analyze all possible ways how to kick yourself in CS GO. Let’s go!

How to kick yourself in CSGO

How to kick myself in CS GO?

If you already had to make a difficult decision to prematurely leave the battle, then you need to know how to do it correctly and without consequences. After all, for such a behavior, you can automatically go to the ban. To avoid this, you need to know the safe methods how to kick myself in CSGO. There is nothing difficult in this, but you need to understand that you should not abuse it. If you leave the battle too often before it ends, then you will first be given a warning, most likely you will not be able to play for half an hour, but if the situation repeats, the measures will be tougher. Therefore, use command to kick yourself in CSGO only in an emergency.

So, in order to be ready to exit the game ahead of time, you need to activate the console. This is a special tool that allows you to activate commands using the entered text. You can enable it in advance in the “Game Options” section of the Settings. To call the console, you just need to press the “~” button at the right time. Now you have everything ready in case of an unexpected exit.

How to Vote Kick Yourself in CS:GO?

The easiest way to safely leave the game is to initiate a vote. You can think of any plausible reason for your playmates to support your decision and in a few minutes you can start doing other things. In addition, you can arrange a vote not only for CS GO kick yourself, but also to exclude any other player for unbecoming behavior. To organize this, you need to see in advance the serial number of your own or of the player you want to remove. You need to open the console and enter ‘status’. Now find your nickname (or player’s) and look at the number in front of it. This is exactly what you need. You are now ready to execute the next command.

How to kick yourself in CSGO

What is the command to Vote Kick Yourself CSGO?

Now, using the same console, enter the coveted “callvote kick SN” command there, where SN is your serial number, which you determined in advance. After that, your teammates will receive a vote notification. As soon as most of the players vote positively, you can leave the server. In this way, you can quickly exit the game without penalties.

Advantages of vote kicking yourself

This method has numerous positive factors. The first is that you don’t have to wait until someone from your teammates excludes you from the game at your request. Most often, this infuriates other players, because most often such messages are ignored during a battle and your spam will interfere with everyone. And so, you already know how to vote kick yourself CSGO and will not waste the time of others. Secondly, for this method, you will not be subject to any penalties and restrictions. In addition, in this way, you maintain your trust rating, because you notify the players of your decision and leave them the right to choose, and not just confront the fact. Above all, don’t use this method too often!

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How to Kick Yourself in CSGO competitive?

In this mode, the stakes are always high, so you should only leave it after taking all the risks and responsibilities. Indeed, sometimes there are unplanned circumstances for which it is physically impossible to continue the fight. But keep in mind, only force majeure is worth thinking about how to kick yourself in CSGO comp. Here the chances of getting restrictions are already quite real and you can go to “cooldown”. They are of varying degrees – this is a parameter that displays how long you will not be able to play on servers.

  • First level – lasts 30 minutes
  • Second level – lasts 2 hours
  • Third level – lasts 24 hours
  • Fourth level – lasts 1 week

You don’t want to get here? Then read the tips below.

How to vote to kick yourself in CSGO Competitive?

To avoid a weekly ban without the opportunity to play in competitive mode, you need to arrange a vote for you to be excluded from the game. To do this, you can ask your playmates to exclude you from the round. This method is good, but not always other gamers have time to deal with your situation. First of all, try to be friendly and essentially state the importance of the reason why you want to leave the game. It’s not a fact that your friends will be happy, because you can endanger them up, so try to win them over to you as much as possible. This method may not always work, it all depends on the loyalty of partners to you. But this is one of the safest ways how to kick self in CSGO.

How to kick yourself in CSGO

Should you call a vote to kick yourself?

Yes! This method will be more reliable to leave the game quickly and without consequences. You just need to arrange a vote against yourself, and not wait for someone else to do it. It’s simple: you need to use the already known CSGO command to kick yourself – “callvote kick SN” (SN is your serial number), by writing it in the console and pressing Enter. Done, wait a couple of moments while the other participants in the round confirm your exit and you are free!

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Despite the fact that this game is already quite many years old and it is constantly in the top in terms of polarity, not all players know how to kick yourself CSGO. Because of this, they get a cooldown, lose their trust rating and ruin the relationship with the team. But in order to avoid this, you just need to take 10 minutes of time and read our article “CS GO how to kick yourself” and after that you only need a couple of minutes to turn on the console and safely leave the game if force majeure occurs. We wish you a successful game!

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