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During the competitive mode in Counter Strike: Global Offensive, the game is played on 7 maps. And as you know, the key to success in a team game is communication. At a time when the battle is going on, it is most important to be able to clearly and succinctly convey information about the location to your comrades. For convenience and clarity, a special terminology has been developed – CS GO maps callouts. Today we will take a closer look at this topic.

What are CSGO Callouts?

CS:GO map callouts – it is the name of points that represent specific locations on maps. This terminology was coined to quickly convey information about the location of oneself or the enemy. There are CS GO callouts common to most cards. There are also unique designations that are specific only to a particular card. It is impossible to quickly memorize them all, everything comes with experience, but you can always see the name in the lower corner of the screen. Below, we will analyze the main subtleties.

Why do Map Callouts exist?

During a tense fight, it is extremely important to establish the right communication within the team. In order for you to quickly formulate information about the location and at the same time understand what your friend is talking about, a common terminology for all players was invented – CS GO map callouts. When all team members understand the location of the enemy, it is easier and faster for you to guess his further movements and work out a successful strategy. By working together, you increase your chances of winning. And CS GO call outs can help you a lot with this.

Maps overview:

Mirage – this is perhaps the most popular map among Counter Strike players. It is uncomplicated and therefore easy to navigate for novice gamers. Outwardly, it is a small eastern city with 3 areas (CSGO call outs): A, B and MID. There are two teams opposing – the Phoenix terrorists and the SAS special forces. The new Operation Riptide has a mission to kill while on the Ledge. The Ledge here means Catwalk – a narrow lane on the mid lane.

All Mirage CALLOUTS:

mirage callouts

Dust2 – it is dominated by open space created by three corridors. Such terrain is good for snipers. But in general, the card is suitable for a balanced game with all types of game weapons. The action takes place in desolate Morocco, which is what inspired the name. Advice on CSGO map call outs: always send a part of the team to hold the pressure from the side of plant B. It is also important to collect information about how many opponents are there. Recently, there have been cases when at the beginning of the second round on B, 1 center and 2 players occupy the length.


dust2 callouts

Inferno – this area takes us to beautiful Italy, with its narrow winding streets. The main list of “map callout CSGO”: Banana – a long diagonal corridor from Pit to Zone B; B Site – area around the fountain; T Ramp – this passage leads terrorists towards MID, and then to Zone A or towards Banana; T Spawn – terrorists appear in rounds at this place; T Apartments – rooms on the map; CT Apartments – rooms in close proximity to Zone A; Underpass is the path between MID and Long.

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All Inferno CALLOUTS:


Nuke – a military map featuring a missile base with two levels. The map is quite small, among the weapons here suitable options are shotguns, submachine guns, assault rifles, and grenades. There are two ways from the terrorist base – you can get out to point A if you enter the building right next to the base, and on the way to point B you will have to bypass this building. After passing through the spetsnaz base, you can see steps under the ground that will lead to a long corridor.



Cache – a location dedicated to the disaster at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, where weapons caches remain in dilapidated power units. Due to its size, it is quite easy to learn to play here, and there are not so many key points. In total, there are 49 positions (CSGO map callouts) on the Cache that determine the location of you, teammates or rivals. Interesting: there is graffiti on point B, which is dedicated to the legendary S1mple jump keel. You can find it at the position under the nine.



Cobblestone – unique chateau area in France. Unfortunately, back in 2018, it was excluded from the tournaments and sent back for revision. After six months, it was returned, but was soon excluded from the competitive game mode. The key point for the game here is the map, on which you must keep all your players alive until your opponents move to the same area.

All Cobblestone CALLOUTS:

Cobblestone CALLOUTS

Overpass – this time the events unfold in Germany. A group of terrorists of the elite Phoenix unit decides to blow up a truck with a rocket. To do this, they successfully blocked the bridge, slowing down the movement. Terrorists can achieve their goals in two ways: 1) By blowing up the overpass support at the B site. 2) By blowing up the truck itself at the A site. On the other hand, the GSG-9 special forces team called the Border Guard Group 9 is called upon to confront the terrorists. The Special Forces will spawn directly at the bombing point A.

All Overpass CALLOUTS:


Train – abandoned railway station. Where among the wagons are nuclear cargo, which is the main target of the Balkan terrorists. If you come close to the A plant trailers at the bomb site, you can hear the sound characteristic of a Geiger counter. This indicates an increased level of radiation from the contents. The default round for the defense side implies a 3 + 2 arrangement: 3 players take positions under the dot, and the other two run to the B site.



Season – players find themselves in a scientific institute in Tokyo. Once the card was quite popular, but now it is not found in tournaments.

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For you, we have prepared this mini-guide with the main points on the game maps – CS:GO callouts, they are common to all maps, and can also be unique. In fact, this is a special terminology that allows people from all over the world who play in the same team to quickly understand each other and what is at stake. In battle, it is important to quickly navigate the situation and be able to identify the location in a conversation with teammates. But each area has its own characteristics, so we also described all the key CSGO callout maps in this article. We wish you a successful game!

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