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The world famous game Counter Strike: Global Offensive is not just an online shooter, it is a whole world with its own characters, maps, missions and of course weapons. That is why millions of people come here every day to have a cool time with friends and fight opponents. One of the factors that motivates gamers to play further and displays the gameplay is the ranking system in CS GO. In this article, we will analyze this topic in detail so that everyone can find answers to all their questions about this system. So let’s get started!

cs go ranking

What are all the ranks in CSGO?

The first thing to figure out is what is CS GO ranking system? Let’s try to interpret it as clearly as possible. So, CS GO ranking system explained as an indicator of the skill level of each player. The higher it is, the better you play, the higher your rank will be. Since this is a competitive game, so that players can constantly improve their skills and they do not get bored, then opponents of about the same level are selected for each player so that the game is on an equal footing.

Now the game has eighteen levels of ranks, we will talk about all of them a little later. Win 10 Competitive Calibration Games to earn your first rank. Winning – you increase your rating, but remember that losing – decreases it. So, let’s take a look at eighteen skill groups with percentages of ranks CSGO:

csgo rankings

Silver – as a rule, this group includes newcomers who have not yet learned how to draw out strategic plans, but are already quite good and accurate in shooting, and are also guided by the terrain.


S1 Silver I  4,51%
S2 Silver II 4,33%
S3 Silver III 4,39%
S4 Silver IV 5,37%
SE Silver Elite 6,70%
SEM Silver Elite Master 7,70%


Gold – this includes players who are relatively good at all aspects of the game. Depending on how good they are, they fall into one of the seven categories below. As you can see, the largest percentage of CS GO players by rank has gathered here.


GN1 Gold Nova I 8,52%
GN2 Gold Nova III 8,81%
GN3 Gold Nova III 8,73%
GNM Gold Nova Master 8,17%
MG1 Master Guardian I 7,39%
MG2 Master Guardian II 6,30%
MGE Master Guardian Elite 5,25%


Top CSGO level ranks – only the most advanced gamers are in this CS GO ranking chart. They, of course, shoot excellently, own different types of weapons, know the main battle maps, and also perfectly mastered the game strategies, and learned how to work brilliantly in a team.


DMG Distinguished master guardian 4,07%
LE Legendary eagle 3,16%
LEM Legendary eagle master 3,19%
SMFC Supreme master first class 2,61%
GE Global elite 0,78%


How does the ranking system work in CS GO?

All CSGO ranks are subclasses of degrees. The very logic of the ranking system for CS GO is pretty simple – the more wins, the higher your level and the higher you move up the scale. If the matches are won, the rating increases and you get a higher rank. If they are lost, then, accordingly, the rating goes down and there is a chance to downgrade the current rank. Beginners initially play against bots, not against live players. You first need to win 10 times in Competitive Mode to get your first rank. Only two victories per day are counted, therefore, it will take at least five days to advance to the rank.  Which group you fall into will depend on the results you get. Further increase in rank will take place according to the same system, only now you can also team up with players whose CSGO XP ranks are in the + 5 / -5 range from yours.

cs:go ranks
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What factors influence your rating?

As you already know, the CS GO rank system explained as receiving the banner of honor for achievements in the game. To get started, you will have to win at least 10 matches, but a maximum of two per day, so it will take at least 5 days. Remember that an unrated player will not be able to compete with players whose ranks are higher than MG1. After that, battles with players whose CSGO exp ranks are in the range of +/- 5 from yours will already be available to you.

The main factors affecting the ranks in the CS: GO:

– the time spent in the game, the more game hours you have, the higher the chance to move up the scale;

– coaching with friends to learn how to strategize;

– games in different modes, after each match you are awarded a certain number of points, which are multiplied by the experience multiplier to get XP.



Modes Experience multiplier
Arms race 1.0 * points
Ordinary (Normal) 4.0 * points
Competitive 30 * won races
Fight to the death 0.2 * points
Destruction of an object 2.5 * points
Companions 15 * won races



How does CS Go determine your rating?

The creators of the game don’t really want to talk about the competitive CS GO ranking system. According to one theory, the distribution of ranks occurs at the end of each round: the system determines the winner based on the ratings of all participating players. This option would explain why some users have increased their rank after losing. In response, Valve said: “All computation takes place on our servers, and many matchmaking parameters describing a scientifically determined set of variables are presented to the players as their ranks.” Thus, it should be understood that the rank is influenced by a large number of parameters at the same time, but it is always better to focus on the overall victory.

Life hacks for the CS GO rank system

How to Ranking up?

We already wrote above that no one knows the exact formula for calculating MMR, except for the developers. And after the update, this system has shifted significantly – experienced players say that they have been downgraded by 3-4 steps.

But this is in theory, but in practice you need to improve your skill – then you can get titles with enviable regularity. Those who are at the top of the final table at the end of the match move up the “career ladder” faster than inactive and ineffective players. This is logical – the better you play, the faster you will move to the next step.

counter strice ranking system

Best Tips to Rank Up Faster

1. Don’t play solo (alone). Gather a team of friends and acquaintances, and as a last resort, follow other people, add friends to strong players and write to them if you see them online. Gather a team, coordinate actions and try to win. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a team game where one person can do a lot, but not everything.

2. Try to perform as many useful actions as possible. Destroy enemies, plant or defuse bombs, make assists and rescue hostages. This is necessary to get more than 50 points per match – more chances to raise the rank.

3. Improve your skill. Train the use of weapons on aim-maps, learn to shoot accurately and quickly hide, watch the matches of various tournaments and evaluate the tactics of teams.


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Do CSGO ranks reset?

The rank can be reset for inactivity for more than a month and will need to be calibrated again. So do not lose your vigilance and if you decide to actively advance on the csgo ranks list, then regularly enter the game and multiply your experience and points.

We hope that this article was interesting for you and that you have learned a lot of new information. Now you know about all CSGO ranks, how the system works, how to get your first rank and the secrets of how to advance faster. We also looked at the different groups of ranks that players fall into, depending on skills and CS GO ranking percentage. Thank you for paying attention to reading and now feel free to make up your mind and reach new heights!

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