All about CS:GO Prime Status

Matchmaking in ranked matches Counter Strike is a gamble. The algorithm of the game takes into account many factors, from rank to indicators of trust, but even such a complex system does not exclude the fact that you will have to play with toxic people or against cheaters. But such risks can be avoided with a special status. Today we will talk about what is CS GO prime, how to get it, and whether you need to do it. So enjoy your reading!

All about CS:GO Prime Status

What is CSGO Prime Status?

CSGO prime status – this is a paid feature that gives the player a special status to minimize the negative experience of communication during the game. In addition, since the summer of 2022, the creators have made dramatic changes. Now only gamers who have CS GO prime status can receive experience, titles, and medals. Therefore, if it is important for you to take part in ranked matches, then you just need to know how to get prime in CSGO. So if you are developing your character or even thinking about a career as an esports player – read the information below.

Advantages of Prime Status:

  • You have the privilege, you can either play a rating duel or choose a five-on-five battle without losing your rank.
  • Only players with prime can receive free skins and cases after the end of the match – so if you liked to regularly receive items in your profile for your efforts, then you cannot do without a status.
  • You can activate items with bonuses to experience and receive service medals.
  • As a rule, due to the fact that this function has become completely paid, it reduces the likelihood that you will have to communicate with all the “rabble” and most likely you will find worthy teammates.

How to Get CS:GO Prime?

Very often, beginners, as well as those who did not have time to do this before, are interested in what is the CSGO fastest way to get prime? And at the moment there is only one – to buy prime status on the official Steam site. Those who have not logged into the game for a long time and have not followed the changes will probably ask how to upgrade to prime CSGO? Indeed, before it was possible to reach 21 levels in the game, and then the status could be obtained absolutely free. If you managed to do this earlier, you are very lucky. But now this feature is no longer available. Rating battles are no longer available to all players without prime, and they simply cannot gain a level. So now there is only one possible option for how to get CSGO prime – just buy it.

Matchmaking with Prime Status

The olds know that matchmaking with prime has always been more comfortable. After all, it was either bought or mined by their own efforts only by those who were truly interested in their development in the game. This reduced the chances of getting into a team with inadequacies. Playing with the best gamers eliminates the possibility that someone will damage your experience. The difference between playing with and without a prime account has always been significant. And given the recent changes from Valve, now in general all the goodies will go only to players with a special status.

CSGO Prime Status

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Should I buy prime status CSGO?

The answer for those who want to develop a cool skill in the game, take part in rating battles, get experience, medals, and free skins in addition, it seems obvious – of course, yes! But if you are just starting your gaming journey and do not yet know whether you will like it or not, then you can not rush with making a CSGO account prime. Of course, it’s annoying that now newbies can’t get skins for free, but you can always open cool and inexpensive cases on and win cool items for your character.

Will I Be Able to Play with non-Primed Players?

In addition, users with a Prime account can choose between rating and “rankless” battles – in the latter case, they will play together with gamers without a prime.

How to disable prime CSGO?

Previously, this was a fairly popular request among players, because users with prime could not play with gamers who did not have this status. But after the changes, people with prime accounts decide for themselves whether to play rating battles with the same “status” characters or with the rest, for this you do not need to disable anything. So the problem went away by itself, you cannot turn off the prime cs go. But if for some reason you really want to play without a privileged status – create yourself a new account.

Is CS Prime Worth It?

It all depends on your global goals and expectations for this game. That is, if you, for example, play a couple of times a week for an hour, or even less often, then you may not need prime status. Yes, you will be deprived of the opportunity to receive pleasant bonuses in the form of free skins, but this nuance can be solved by the quick and win-free opening of cool cases on But if you spend a lot of time on Counter Strike, want to gain experience and it is important for you to have a title, then you definitely need to know how to get prime on CSGO. Only with status do you have the exclusive opportunity to get ranks. For those who are thinking about a career in esports, there is no other option but to purchase prime from Steam.

Case opening CSGo skins Skin upgrade

You see, even despite recent innovations, there is nothing complicated about it. So if you have been wondering how to get prime CS GO for a long time and did not manage to achieve it for free by reaching level 21 of the game – this article is for you. Someone will find it offensive that now only those who shell out for prime status will get the best, but as practice shows, this strategy has only benefited those who really want to improve their skills and ranks. And for those who need the game only to occasionally have fun, the functionality on the basic account will be enough. So decide what exactly you want from Counter Strike.

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