CSGO P90 Skins

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This skin is one of the most expensive submachine guns in the game. The real prototype of the futuristic P90 was developed in the 1980s in Belgium and was in great demand due to the bullpup technology that allows you to shoot on the move. Like any weapon, it has its pros and cons. The pluses include a large magazine capacity, the ability to kill an opponent with armor and the ease of killing a large number of people. And the minuses include a long reload, a low reward for killing, is it really a minus? If you consider that with the p90 skins CSGO you will kill much more opponents, but the main thing is not to hurt your own.

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When buying any skin there are always questions about payback and real characteristics, because we all want to invest in something worthwhile. Of course, it's important to look cool in the game, isn't it? We are already sure that out of all p90 skins, you will be able to find exactly what will hook you. But how much will you have to pay for it? Maybe start with the cheapest one? Is it possible to win in cases? Let's figure it out below.

What cases have p90 CS:GO skins?

You can find P90 skins in such cases special operation Phoenix, Horizon, CS20 for quite adequate money. Moreover, the skins themselves are quite good. On our site you can open: "Branded BLOODY" case and become the owner of P90 | Cold Blooded, $60 to $80 and "WaterFire" Case with P90 | Baroque Red (Battle-Scarred) worth $12-15.

What is the most expensive and most cheapest skins?

The cheapest item from P90 is P90 | Desert DDPAT costing $0.09 in camouflage design, and the most expensive p90 skin is P90 | Emerald Dragon whose price reaches $980. It's easy to guess from the name that the main element of the design will be a dragon, it is very realistic, but it looks cool.

Is the P90 good CSGO?

This weapon is definitely worth the money, but everything beautiful has its drawbacks. First, we want to tell you about the pros. P90 - has one of the highest rates of fire, which will help a lot in a firefight, because with several bursts you can kill a huge number of opponents, especially from close or medium distances, and even armor will not be a hindrance to you. The weapon has high accuracy even when walking. One magazine holds 50 shots, which is a lot for analogues. But what do we know about the cons? The P90 takes a long time to reload and you should have a second weapon with you in case you can't reload.

How to get csgo p90 skins?

To get started, view all list of p90 skins. If you are not familiar with the P90 yet, then for a start you should just try it in the game and cases are 100% suitable for this task and the opportunity to get the skin is much cheaper. If you are already an experienced connoisseur and are looking for a specific copy, then you should look on the Steam.