MP9 Skins

Item Type
$ 1,342.40
MP9 | Wild Lily (Factory New) cs go skin
$ 1,062.84
MP9 | Wild Lily (Minimal Wear) cs go skin
$ 1,064.75
MP9 | Wild Lily (Field-Tested) cs go skin
$ 1,239.21
MP9 | Wild Lily (Well-Worn) cs go skin
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MP9 CS GO skins is a game model of the famous submachine gun from Switzerland. It should be noted that within the framework of the shooter, this weapon is available only for counter-terrorists. It has a number of advantages: high rate of fire and fast reloading, but there is also a minus - this machine gun has a large dispersion. We present below whether it is worth choosing this skin, how much it costs and other useful information.


Such in-game weapons as MP9 skins CSGO will provide their owner with fast movement (due to lightness), good damage to the opponent at close range, especially if the opponent is without armor, and a nice reward for killing with it. But it also has disadvantages: damage cannot be called significant at medium and long distances, significant returns. To understand what still outweighs - we answer popular questions from players.

What CSGO cases have mp9 Skins?

All MP9 skins are scattered across cases, the release of which was timed to coincide with the release of new weapon operations. Small list:


How much does a MP9 skin cost?

Inside the game, the cost of a submachine gun is relatively high - $ 1250, while the reward for killing is also considerable - $ 600. This weapon will be an excellent choice if you have successfully completed the pistol round and have thought about the tactics of combat with this skin in advance. If you want it to bring you true benefit, then the strategy should be aimed at getting closer to the enemy so that the fight takes place at close range.

What is the most expensive and the cheapest MP9 in CS:GO?

Among CSGO all mp9 skins the most expensive is MP9 | Slide. This item does not have a delightful bright design, it is dominated by a gray color over which dark orange stripes are applied. But the price is extremely attractive - only 4 cents. The most expensive item in this category MP9 | Wild Lily with a beautiful floral ornament. The price for such a skin has already exceeded $1,000.

How to get CSGO MP9 skins?

As always, there are several options on how to get the desired item. The first, one might say classic, is to go to the Steam marketplace and try to find the skin you like there - it will suit those players who know exactly what they want, have a sufficient budget and are even ready to overpay a little. And the second one is more suitable for adventurers who are ready to "turn the wheel of fortune." To do this, go to, select a case that contains skins that you would like to receive in your collection and test your luck. Here you have a chance to get even more than you expect!

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