CSGO M4A1-S Skins

Item Type
$ 205.91
M4A1-S | Knight (Minimal Wear) cs go skin
$ 1,561.90
M4A1-S | Knight (Factory New) cs go skin
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M4A1 S skins CS GO is one of the most attractive weapons in the game. This stunning rifle has a number of significant advantages that allow it to confidently compete with such legends as the AK-47 and M4. It is on it that many gamers stop the choice and for good reason, because it is capable of piercing even armor with two shots, and the prices are often much more pleasant than those of competitive variants.

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Taking into account the popularity of this type of csgo skins that has only grown over the years and the emergence of more and more new designs, we have prepared a list of answers to the most frequent questions.

Which is the best M4A1-S skin?

One of the most legendary items among all M4A1 S skins is M4A1-S | Knight. It has a rather restrained, but at the same time elegant design. It may not seem bright enough to someone, but true connoisseurs know its high value. Collectors are ready to give more than 2 thousand dollars for the quality of Factory New, but now this skin is very rarely available for sale, so the price will only grow.

What case has CSGO M4A1 S skins?

The number of M4A1 S skins CSGO is only growing, so there is still no single case in which all these items are collected together. You can find them in many weapon cases associated with various combat operations.

Where can I buy CS GO M4A1-S skins?

Of course, if you have a budget and want to get a specific skin in your profile right now, you can use the Steam trading platform. But if you are more adventurous or do not know which skin is the most attractive for you - try to open cases on Bloodycase.com. Here, whatever the outcome of events, you are guaranteed to replenish your collection with a nice item.

What is the rarest M4A1-S skin in CSGO?

The hardest for players is to get hold of Souvenir item - M4A1-S | Master Piece. It was released in a very limited quantity seven years ago and over the years it has become more difficult and more expensive to buy this skin into your collection.

What are the most expensive and cheapest M4A1 S skins in CS:GO?

The most expensive was the "fresh" M4A1-S skin - Welcome to the Jungle. For its best quality, the player will have to pay more than 4 thousand dollars, which is certainly a lot! But the most accessible for the majority of gamers is also a new item in the game - M4A1-S | Fizzy POP. Field Tested quality costs only 20 cents, a great choice for the start.