CSGO AK-47 Skins

Item Type
$ 1,552.56
AK-47 | X-Ray (Factory New) cs go skin
$ 1,166.41
AK-47 | Wild Lotus (Minimal Wear) cs go skin
$ 1,276.16
AK-47 | Wild Lotus (Factory New) cs go skin
$ 11.50
AK-47 | Slate (Factory New) cs go skin
1 ...keyboard_arrow_right

AK 47 CSGO skins - created in the likeness of perhaps the most famous rifle in the world, developed in the Soviet Union. At the time, it was a truly cutting-edge development, but even decades later, it continues to be famous for its power and firing range - these characteristics were reflected in the game. It is for its excellent properties that the AK-47 remains a favorite for players among many other assault rifles.

Realizing that CS GO AK-47 skins will surely become very popular, the creators of the game released many attractive designs of this weapon. To decide which item to choose and navigate in prices - read the information below.

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What is the best skin for AK-47?

There can be no consensus here, because all players have different taste preferences. But after analyzing the statistics, we can say that one of the most popular and at the same time beautiful AK skins CSGO is AK-47 | Frontside Misty. Its blue ornamental design is simply mesmerizing. This item is in the top of the most attractive skins in Counter Strike.

What is the rarest AK skin?

The rarest of all AK-47 skins in CS GO now is a rather old skin - AK-47 | Fire Serpent was released back in 2013. It is included in the "Covert" category. Because of this, it is more and more difficult to find it on trading floors, and its prices are constantly growing up.

What are the most expensive and cheapest AK47 skins in CS:GO?

AK-47 has the highest price among all AK | Wild Lotus - its beautiful design made in different shades of green and complemented by large pink flowers - just won't leave anyone indifferent. But be prepared to pay at least $ 2,000 for it. And the most affordable cost is AK-47 | Safari Mesh - You will spend about 18 cents on this.

How much is the ak 47 worth in CSGO?

The in-game price for any CSGO AK skin is quite high - $ 2,700. However, this is $ 600 less than the competing AUG rifle. The cost per kill is identical - $ 300. Considering that this weapon can kill with one well-aimed hit to the head, even if the enemy is wearing a helmet, then the price seems quite justified.

What cases have CS GO AK-47 skins?

Since this weapon is widely represented in the game, there are also a lot of cases with it. Let's list the main ones:

How to get CSGO AK 47 skins?

If you need to quickly get a specific skin and you also found it for a good price (this is most often a rarity), you can do it on the Steam trading platform. But if you want to have an exciting time and get real pleasure, and not just spend money - open incredible branded cases on BloodyCase.com.