How to Show FPS in CSGO ― FPS Commands

No matter how long you have played Counter Strike, you are still willing to become a pro! Do you know what the main thing in this genre of games is? That’s right, FPS (frames per second). In this article, you will learn what it is, how to find out how many frames you have, what CSGO command to show FPS is, as well as the point of this parameter. Keep reading to know!

csgo show fps command

What Is FPS in CSGO?

The FPS is the number of images displayed on the screen per second. While processing the independent frames, our brain creates the illusion of continuous motion. The more frames per second a computer and monitor can produce, the smoother the view will seem. A low frame rate causes the image to freeze and jerk. This is an important thing to play any online shooter, especially Counter Strike. The more FPS you have, the more enjoyable and easier it will be to play. Yes, it is possible to play with the average number of frames, many people have already proved it, but it will be better if you have a lot of it.

Ways to Show FPS CSGO

Why do you need to know your FPS? It’ll help you get your graphics appropriately tuned. Frames per second enable you to determine your opponent’s location. Moreover, this is a reminder of how strong your PC is. Several ways help you keep an eye on your frame rate while gaming.

Using Steam

No need to spend too much effort on CSGO show FPS and ping. Just use Steam!

  • Open Steam and click on “Settings;
  • Select “Game” in a new window;
  • Select the “Steam In-Game Counter” option, and choose where you want it to appear;
  • Click “OK.”


Using CS GO FPS boost commands

The command to show FPS in CSGO, like “net_graph,” will add a special window to the interface with important information. It will help you constantly monitor the frames in the game, even if you are not on the server. The amount of frames in the window changes in real time and is shown in the lower right corner. Let’s see what this command may do if you combine it with numbers:

  • net_graph 1―enable net_graph;
  • net_graph 0―turn off;
  • net_graph 2―show data from your network on;
  • net_graph 3―enable to show data about a load of your PC.

Console CSGO Show FPS Command

The easiest way is to enter a console command. Open your console and enter the following command: cl_showfps1. Thus, you may see FPS in CS:GO.

If you find it difficult to run a console, it is easier than you think. To enable the console, you should go to the settings and click on the “Game” tab. At the very top of this type of settings there will be the option “Enable Developer Console,” where you need to put “Yes.” After that, you can enter the console, which by default opens by pressing the letter “⁓” on the keyboard.

command to show fps in csgo

Why Am I Getting Low FPS in CSGO?

The developers methodically improve Counter Strike: Global Offensive, so with each new year, the system requirements of this shooter are getting higher and higher, and PCs with low specs can not properly handle the picture. Any update that includes the expansion of specific maps or improving the quality of textures will inevitably lead to the fact that even on a PC with an average configuration, frames will drop.

Often, bad FPS is caused by the specific settings of the computer. Still, a user himself can make FPS low if he doesn’t pay proper attention to the video card’s parameters, various programs, and the overall performance of his PC.

How Many FPS Do I Need to Play CSGO?

Clearly, the more frames per second you have, the better and more comfortable to play. This is especially true for pro players. They all play on monitors that support 240GC, so they need to have at least 240 FPS to play.

In the case of casual gamers, of course, you do not need to have any cool monitors. The usual 60GC is enough, and 100–150 FPS is optimal for an average user who visits CS:GO a few times a week to play with friends.

show fps csgo

How to Boost FPS in CSGO?

If you’re frustrated with finding out your frames per second, relax and read on. Below you’ll learn some simple ways for that. We’ve prepared more than one command to see FPS in CSGO.

  • r_drawparticles 0;
  • func_break_max_pieces 0;
  • muzzleflash_light 0;
  • r_drawtracers_firstperson 0;
  • r_dynamic 0;
  • mat_disable_bloom 1.

As for frame rate, the “the more, the better” rule is appropriate. The comfortable value of FPS depends on the particular game, but on average, the optimal value is 60 frames per second. When playing competitive video games, keeping the FPS as high and stable as possible is advisable, as it affects the responsiveness of the control and the image’s smoothness.