Top 12 SSG 08 Skins in CSGO

It’s not a secret that every Counter Strike gamer at some point comes to the conclusion that it’s time for him to look around with weapon skins. SSG 08 skins might be a great place to start. What is this weapon? In short, this is an inexpensive sniper rifle that is great for beginners. This rifle does not inflict significant damage, but its attractive price justifies the not-so-outstanding technical characteristics. The value for money gave us the idea to create a rating of 12 best CS GO  SSG 08 skins.

CSGO SSG 08 skins

Best SSG 08 Skins

Since this weapon is quite attractive in price, it is quite logical that it is provided in sufficient quantities in the game. Of all the varieties, we tried to choose the most beautiful and impressive ones, which can definitely make your character more noticeable among opponents. So let’s go!

1. Fever Dream

A very effective rifle, which is impossible not to pay attention to. The main body of the weapon is classic black, but there is a colored accent on the central part. It is presented in the form of children’s graffiti, dominated by blue, pink and white. You can also see small inscriptions. A very cool item in a modern style. It can be found in the best quality for as little as $ 5.

 2. Abyss

This is the best selling sniper rifle in the game. Based on the statistics, we can say that this is the best SSG 08 skin. The body of the weapon is painted like a stone imitation, with bright blue inserts visible on the black aphid, thanks to which the texture effect is created. Abrasions are present on unpainted hull parts already in Factory New condition. At levels of wear close to the maximum, the size and number of abrasions remain unchanged, the painted parts of the case change from bright blue to pale turquoise. For the quality Factory New you will have to pay just over $ 4.

Abyss SSG 08 skin

3. Necropos

The second most popular item in this category. The design can be called rather laconic. Dark shades prevail. Looking closely, you can find small green icons. The concept is added with a dirty orange tape on the handle and the inscription “Hunt them down”. The cost of such a game rifle starts from $ 2 for good quality.

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 4. Bloodshot

And again we have chosen a skin for the rating, the name of which corresponds to the theme of our site. The body of the rifle is adorned with the image of a fantastic creature with an open mouth and one eye. The image is rendered in various shades of gray and green with orange accents. Individual parts of the weapon are painted in solid black and are complemented by images of red flames. For such a stylish thing, you will have to pay more than for the previous SSG 08 CS GO skins  – from $ 40 for Minimal Wear.

 5. Dragonfire

It is simply impossible to take your eyes off this subject. Many small bright details that together create a harmonious concept. The key image is a dragon, from whose nostrils flames burst. There are also geometric elements on the case. The color palette is very diverse and consists of orange, blue and gray shades. This amazing skin in the best quality costs at least $ 25.

 6. Ghost Crusader

Interesting skin designed in a futuristic style. The main body of the rifle is painted white, some parts are decorated with an abstract pattern in various shades of blue. The handle is decorated with a textured blue overlay. Lovers of this style will have to spend from $ 5.

 7. Blood in the Water

Another themed skin, the design of which is close to our concept. The central part of the rifle is decorated with a realistic image of a shark with an open mouth and complemented by an image of a spreading blood stain. Just wow! Such a detailed drawing deserves the title of CSGO SSG 08 best skin. The price for Factory New starts at $ 68.

Blood in the water skin SSG 08

 8. Hand Brake

The design of this skin is completely discreet, but sophisticated enough. The body of the rifle is painted in dark blue and white metallic paint and is decorated with a checkerboard pattern. The design is complemented by the Inferno collection logo and the Quattro Ruote lettering located in the central part of the case. The barrel is painted silver. Good quality cost from $ 4,5.

Hand Brake skin for SSG08

 9. Detour

Laconic black and white graffiti is the dominant theme for this game rifle. The body of the skin is uniformly painted with white matte paint and is complemented by a black pattern of intertwining arrows against a background of a complex pattern of small details. The cost of the item starts at $ 30 for FN.

 10. Slashed

A fairly bright skin, which, alas, has lost its former popularity between other SSG 08 skins CS GO over time. But it still looks relevant, and its price is just ridiculous now. So we decided to remind you about it. The body of the rifle is painted black and is complemented by a pattern of bright orange diagonal stripes of different sizes, imitating claw marks. Today it can be bought for less than a dollar.

 11. Red Stone

A relatively new skin released in 2019. It is not included in the list of the most popular, but the value for money justifies its purchase. The rifle body is painted in a solid maroon color. The sight, grip and part of the stock are made in olive color. The price is less than 2 dollars.

Red Stone skin CSGO

 12. Acid Fade

This skin features a trendy gradient design. The body of the rifle is chrome-plated and painted with a translucent paint in various shades of yellow, green and gray, forming gradient transitions. The color gamut and color ratio are directly related to the pattern index. It is one of the best skins for SSG 08 and has a very large following. Price for good quality from 15 dollars.

Acid Fade SSG 08 skin

Where to get SSG 08 skins in CS GO?

This weapon is far from the most popular in the game, but acquiring it can be very useful and profitable. It’s for this reason that we have told you about the CSGO best cheap SSG 08 skins. Since the prices for them are low, it will not be difficult to buy them on markets. If you do not take into account a couple of more rare options, which will not be so easy to get into your collection. In addition, these weapons are affordable enough to be obtained during the game. So by paying daily attention to the game, passing tasks and quests, you can really get one of them at the end of the round for free. But if you are an adventurer, then our friendly advice – try to open our cool cases on!

Case opening CSGo skins Skin upgrade

Good luck will definitely turn to you and you are guaranteed to get a good item, possibly much better and more expensive than SSG 08.

How to choose the best SSG 08 skin?

This model in the game has its advantages: cheap, quieter shot, light, can kill the enemy without armor with a shot in the head or stomach. Among the shortcomings, it is worth noting the small damage for a sniper rifle and a rather long reload time.

Well, considering the cheapness of this category of skins, they will be an excellent choice for those who need inexpensive equipment for combat at a distance. This rifle is a good budget alternative to a cooler model such as the AWP, because the cost is at least 3 times lower. So don’t waste your time and rather choose CS: GO the best SSG 08 skin in your opinion!

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