CS:GO Skin Quality Guide – All You Need To Know

Counter Strike Global Offensive is a legendary game of the last decade. Millions of users around the world play this shooter every day and compete in their superiority with their comrades. It is not for nothing that this game has become one of the cyber disciplines, and the prize fund at the most prestigious tournaments has already exceeded a million dollars.

You probably know that in this game there are skins – special items, one might say 3D models of various weapons, which make the game more realistic and colorful. There are a huge variety of them, of different categories. And in order to make it easier for you to understand them, we have created this CS GO skins guide.
CS GO skins guide

Do they differ not only in appearance?

So, skins are a kind of game inventory, the presence of which helps to create a player’s unique image. This is equipment that can be represented as a pistol, rifle, knife, gloves, etc. All items may differ according to different criteria, for example, CSGO skin quality, which we will talk about in more detail below. But remember that these are just cosmetic details that adorn the game and complement the plot. What does it mean? Skins regardless of class and cost cannot influence the course of the game and do not give a combat advantage.

On which characteristics is the quality of skins based?

Each in-game item has its own unique characteristics, which, among other things, determine the CS GO skin value. Realizing that players are becoming more spoiled and craving more emotions from the game, the creators are developing numerous different skins for every taste. For this reason, speaking about the current version of Counter Strike and the items, we understand that the skin quality CS GO is not only how good it looks, it is a whole complex of parameters. In our CSGO skins guide, we’ll cover each one.

The CS GO skin quality is determined by such criteria:

  • Rarity
  • Presence of the StatTrak feature
  • Worn-out skin or new skin?
  • Is the skin a souvenir?
  • Are there any stickers?
  • Is the skin a contraband item?

How does the StatTrak feature work?

This is an additional option that is available on some skins. The so-called counter. It shows the number of in-game kills made with that particular weapon. Kills will automatically display on an orange scoreboard and increase by one after each successful shot. Weapons with StatTrak are considered more fashionable than the same analog without it and, accordingly, will cost way more expensive. For such weapons, you can also use a double exchanger. What is it? Let’s take a real example, here you bought yourself a game rifle and killed 100 opponents with it, today you bought a new one and StatTrack shows 0. This function will allow you to transfer the existing number of kills from one skin to another, it can be applied twice.

What are CSGO souvenirs?

This is a special category of in-game items. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that they are timed to coincide with major CS: GO championships and can only be obtained while watching the tournament or by purchasing them on trading floors. A small number of the lucky ones among the audience receive gift sets inside which there are already known skins, but with special stickers. These are limited collections, so their prices immediately skyrocket after the end of the championship. CS GO skin values from the category of souvenirs are high enough especially appreciated by fans of the game.

What are CSGO stickers?

These are small, but often very valuable items that complement in-game weapons. Surprisingly, sometimes people are willing to pay a fortune for a small sticker. These items are in demand among real collectors. The cost depends not only on its rarity but also on the event for which it was created. Accordingly, the older the event, the higher the price will be. Like skins, the appearance of stickers does not change over time. However, if the player removes the sticker from the skin, you can change it. Each time it is removed, its appearance will deteriorate until it disappears completely. With this in mind, we recommend that you think three times before peeling off the sticker.

Types of stickers – they are also different, and the potential CSGO skin value will depend on this. These are the main categories of stickers in the game:

  • High-Grade
  • Remarkable
  • Exotic
  • Extraordinary
  • Contraband

CSGO skin quality

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CSGO Skins Rarity

This is one of the main factors affecting the value of an item and how actively fans of the game are hunting for it. All items have their own prevalence – further, we will learn more about how skins are divided into groups. The bottom line is that the more widespread the item, the less its value, but if it falls into the category of rare, then the price can be sky-high. These skins are produced in extremely limited editions, so getting them during the game is not so easy. Because of this, players are increasingly trying to win them by opening cases on third-party sites or trying to redeem them there.

Now let’s see what categories of rarity skins are divided into. To do this, they come up with a special color scheme that reflects how common a particular subject is. Here is a list of skin rarity CS GO with a detailed description:

  • Consumer Grade – White – these are the most common items and most often require no effort to get. They are easily obtained by players both during the game and when opening cases on the site. If you like an item from the “white” category, you do not need to overpay for it, as a rule, their price starts from a few cents.
  • Industrial Grade – Light blue – in the game, they are quite popular, but they are a little less common than from the previous category. These skins are easy to get in weekly raffles, and you can also buy them for a rather nominal fee not exceeding a few dollars.
  • Mil-Spec – Blue – everything also applies to common items as described above. They often fall out when the case is opened. These skins are quite inexpensive and many players can easily afford them.
  • Restricted – Purple – more rare items, to get one of the purple ones will have to work hard. They generate more interest among players, so this type can often be found on trading floors. The price is higher than that of the previous categories, but varies as it depends on many related factors.
  • Classified – Pink – to meet items of this type in the game, and even more so – to get them, is a real success. You need to understand that such an item cannot be cheap, so if you want to buy it, be prepared to give a huge sum.
  • Covert – Red – for those who need more serious in-game weapons – pay attention to this category. This includes skins that can be called the rarest among the common items available to every player. Here you will find both beautiful knives and killer rifles. But the price tag will not be too budget-friendly.
  • Contraband – Orange – this is a category of skins that were removed from the game and remained quite a small amount in its open spaces. To date, the only representative of this type of item is the M4A4 | Howl.
  • Extraordinary – Gold – These are the legendary items that fans of the game dream about. This includes such rare and coveted gloves as well as incredible knives. The price for each such skin starts from several hundred dollars.

How does the exterior quality of skin affect its value?

Skin quality CS GO – one of the key parameters that determine the value of an item in the game. For many years, this factor has been influential in the entire CS: GO ecosystem. The basis of the skin quality CSGO indicator is essentially the appearance of the item. In simple terms, these are various scuffs, chips, less saturated color, and the like.

When the need arose to define an item in one or another category of wear, the creators came up with CSGO skin quality order. But not all items in the game can be of quality. For example, weapons, gloves and knives have it. While stickers, graffiti and cases are not distributed like that.

CS GO skin quality ranking system is not so easy for beginners. At first, they may have questions, is there really such a noticeable difference that it is worth overpaying a considerable amount for it? In fact, the difference can be very noticeable and true fans always strive to get the best quality skin. However, whether you are actually willing to pay more money for a brand new item is up to you.

Wear Levels

At first, all players fought with standard-quality weapons, and few suspected that in the near future they would be painted in a variety of colors and even have completely different external wear and tear, which would lead to completely new pricing of items. It’s time to discuss all types in detail of the CS GO skin quality order. In fact, there are only five of them. The list is made in ascending order – starting with the most elite and ending with the most worn out. The CSGO skin quality chart is below, let’s take a look at it.

Factory New(0.00 – 0.07)
Minimal Wear(0.07 – 0.15)
Field-Tested(0.15 – 0.38)
Well-Worn(0.38 – 0.45)
Battle-Scarred (0.45 – 1.00)

Which skins are the most expensive?

We have already found out above that CSGO skin values depend on many different features. Therefore, the cost of a skin is a rather ambiguous concept. The question always arises: how to calculate the price? You can focus on the Steam Marketplace, but often the prices for the same item there are very different. The second option (and, perhaps, the most optimal) is to estimate the value through third-party sites, such as ours, because it is usually their users who follow the market most closely and form the market value of in-game items. Now we will take a closer look at some of the most expensive skins in the game.

  • CSGO Knife Skin: Tiger Tooth Butterfly Knife – the blade of this beautiful knife is painted with yellow chrome paint and decorated with brown stripes that imitate tiger color. The handle is dark gray, but supplemented with yellow inserts. For the best skins quality, you need to pay at least two thousand dollars.
  • AWP skin: Lightning Strike – it is difficult to take your eyes off this game weapon, it immediately makes its owner more brutal. The body of the rifle is covered with metallic purple paint. A very realistic lightning bolt is applied over the background. For the maximum degree of skins quality, and even with the StatTrak counter, you need to pay from 1150 dollars.
  • Gloves: Spearmint Moto Gloves – gloves have always been particularly appreciated in the vastness of this game. This model is crafted from white leather and adorned with a geometric turquoise pattern. The outer side of the gloves is finished with orange accents and dark gray textured protectors. The inner side of the gloves is completed with turquoise inserts. Since this is a rather rare accessory, even as field-tested, you need to pay over $ 2,500.
  • M4A4: Poseidon – the body of this unique machine is covered with dark turquoise paint. Over the background is an image of a scene of Poseidon’s duel with two sea monsters. The figure of Poseidon with a trident in his hands is made in light shades of turquoise, the images of monsters are made in gray-green tones. The forend shows a spear surrounded by air bubbles. Do you want one for yourself? Then get ready to pay about $ 3,000.

CS GO skin value

How to obtain CS:GO skins

Getting the items you want in the game is not always easy. But fortunately, there are various methods for both thrifty players and spoiled collectors, it all depends on how valuable skins you are interested in. Looking ahead, we will say that there are methods for obtaining skins in which you do not have to spend a single cent. By the way, our site even has a separate post on this topic – CSGO free skins guide. But in this section, we want to talk not only about how to get more budget items, but also ways for those who have more expensive and rare skins. Here are the 3 most popular ones:

  • Get skins after completing matches – playing the game regularly is the most obvious, and probably the best, way to get skins quickly, even without any payment. In addition, you can complete extra-tasks within the game, for which you can get a skin as a bonus. However, participation in tournaments is a more difficult task, but on the other hand, the prize fund for the winner will not leave you indifferent.
  • CSGO Cases – a very cool way if you want to be guaranteed to get some cool skin and also try your luck at the same time. On our website BloodyCase.com there is a huge selection of unique cases with the best content, in addition, the assortment here is really for every wallet.
  • Purchase skins – this is a way for those who need a specific item right now and do not have time to wait or hope when it will drop out of the case at random. There are quite a few trading platforms where you can compare prices and purchase the desired skin right away.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to get free csgo quality skins?

In short, you need to regularly enter the game and improve your combat skills, complete various tasks, participate in sweepstakes, and also take part in tournaments. The more you play, the more skins you will receive for free.

Where to buy csgo quality skins?

There are hundreds of places to buy items now. Starting from the Steam trading platform and ending with dozens of third-party sites. Compare prices and conditions and buy skins where it is more profitable. But personally, we like the way of opening cases more, such as on our website, because here you will 100% receive the skin, but perhaps it will cost even several times more than you spend on the case itself.

Why are csgo skins so expensive?

The prices of items in the game are based on many factors. The basis in the value of an item in the game is often its rarity, as well as its belonging to a certain group according to the CS GO skin quality chart.

Case opening CSGo skins Skin upgrade

In this article, we tried to sort out all the useful information about skins as much as possible. This knowledge will be useful both for beginners in the world of Counter Strike, and for those who have been playing it for a long time, but sometimes they are still confused in many parameters, for example as CS GO skin quality rank. Here you will find everything about what skins are, what their price depends on, how to get an item for money and for free, and even a skin value list in addition. So read, save and share with your friends who will surely become fans of the game just like us!

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