All about CSGO Case Keys

We have already written several times that in the game Counter Strike skins can be obtained in various ways. One of them is to spend a lot of time in the game and then at the end of the match, you may get an interesting item. Some lucky ones even get cases. Just in order to open them, you will also have to get a special key. Today we will just talk about how to get case keys in CSGO.

All about CSGO Case Keys

What are CS GO Case Keys?

The Counter Strike GO key is a special tool that is only needed to open in-game weapon cases that drop out to participants in a random order after the match. If you buy other cases on third-party markets, then keys are not required for the bottom. But all fans of the game sooner or later receive the coveted game case and then wonder how to get case keys CS GO. Next, we will consider in detail the possible options.

How do Keys Work?

Everything is quite simple – if you play a lot, then you have probably already come across the fact that after the match there is a distribution of items. Thus, someone will immediately receive a skin, and someone will receive a whole weapon case. It is the cases that are especially appreciated by gamers and everyone wants to get them. It is to open them that keys are required. With their help, you will get to one of the cherished skins inside. But even though you got the case for free, you will have to pay real money for the key. Then a logical question arises – how to buy keys in CSGO? Read on and we’ll explain everything.

Best CS:GO Case Keys

Of course, everything here primarily depends on luck. And also, from your taste preferences and the individual image of your character. But in order not to waste your time on nonsense, we will consider the most interesting cases and keys, based on their content.

  1. Key to the Horizon case – will be of interest to those who choose the role of a sniper and prefer bright colors. Because the most valuable thing here is the gaming AK-47 | Neon Rider, as well as a cool Desert Eagle pistol | Code Red.
  2. Counter Strike GO case key to Hydra – inside, you will find very decent content. When the case was just released in 2017, it immediately attracted a lot of attention, although it received a lot of criticism. But we still think he’s cool. Interesting skins: luxury designer pistol Five-SeveN | Hyper Beast, Japanese Style AWP Gloves | Oni Taiji, and also M4A4 | Hellfire is a street art theme.
  3. Key to the Falchion case – attracts attention because there are 2 cool types of game weapons at once. First – AWP | Hyper Beast with the image of a fantastic monster, and the second – AK-47 | Aquamarine Revenge where you will see a whimsical picture of red-orange dolphins against the backdrop of turquoise waves. Any of these items will complement the image of the shooter.

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How to Obtain Keys?

Previously, players had more ways to how to get CS GO keys. Until 2019, the keys could be bought both from the official distributor and from other players. Moreover, it was common practice to use keys as tokens during trade transactions both on the Steam platform and on third-party platforms. But due to the change in the rules, it is no longer possible to resell purchased keys. This decision was made in order to prevent money laundering with the help of keys. However, this does not apply to keys that were acquired by players before – they can still be traded. What does this all mean? We will answer in a small FAQ:

How do you get keys in CSGO?

If during the game you get a weapon case, then according to Valve’s rules, you must purchase it only on the official Steam marketplace.

Can you earn keys in CSGO?

Taking into account the rules of the creators of the game, with your work and perseverance you can only earn skins and cases, the second option also requires good luck. But the key can only be officially purchased.

Can you trade CSGO keys?

As of today, you can only sell keys that you received prior to November 2019, just as you can only buy keys that were already in the hands of players before this rule update.

All about CSGO Case Keys

How to Get Free CSGO Keys?

Literally, to get it for free, alas, in any way. But there is a good way how to get free CSGO case keys and not to spend a cent of real money. Interesting? But be prepared that then instead of money you will have to spend a lot of your time. The bottom line is simple: constantly playing CS:GO you will often receive different skins, albeit inexpensive ones, but accumulating them you can then sell unnecessary ones and get some amount of money. Now you can safely spend them on the desired key.

Is it worth getting CSGO keys?

In fact, many of the weapon cases that drop to players contain some really cool and expensive items. But there are 2 features: firstly, the chance of a case falling out after a match is not great at all, and secondly, the chance of falling out of the most expensive skin from such a case is even less. Therefore, if you are ready to take a risk, and even more so if you already have a case, then you should try to open it. But if the case did not fall out to you, but you really want to get it, then there is a good alternative. You can open any of them on We have prepared absolutely identical content for you and you will no longer have to pay extra for the key. So, there we save your time and nerves.

Case opening CSGo skins Skin upgrade

We know that the “CSGO how to get keys” request is very popular among gamers. In this article, we have collected all the most relevant information about keys today. Now you know about the changes in the rules from Valve, as well as where to buy cs go keys, and thus you will be protected from scammers. But only you decide whether it is worth waiting for cases at all and buying keys if there are other alternative methods that save time. We hope that all this will be of benefit to you and you will be successful!

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