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CS GO cases

CS GO cases are boxes inside which there are sets of valuable skins. When you open a case, you will accidentally drop one of them. By opening the case, you can get a weapon, knife, gloves or agent. Trying your luck, you can get a cool skin that will look very impressive and outstanding in the game. While playing CS: GO, you can open standard counter strike cases, but if you want a chance to win more killing and expensive skins, then open our branded CS:GO weapon cases on the BloodyCase.com!

Which case cs go you can get on BloodyCase?

On our site there is a huge assortment of csgo cases to open. Of course, all cases in csgo that exist are presented on BloodyCase. But in order to get really cool skins, we have created for you more than 100 unique cases with the most valuable items.

In addition, we have limited counter strike global offensive cases with the most coveted skins. They will be available only for a certain time and those who have time to open cs go case can win a rare and special item.

CS GO case price can be different and depends primarily on the value of the skins inside. But on BloodyCase we will often hold promotions, so everyone will have the opportunity to buy the desired csgo weapon case at a pleasant cost.

Don’t miss the opportunity, best cases buy now on BloodyCase.com!

How to open at BloodyCase?

BloodyCase is the cs:go site to open cases for money.

To get started, to enter the site you need to log in or register using your Steam account. After that, you need to refill your balance. Now you can choose and open cs go cases online on BloodyCase. You will randomly drop one of the skins inside. Now this item is yours, you can send it to your Steam account or sell it.

The types of weapon cases

There are several types of cases that you can get by playing Counter Strike Global Offensive. To open them you need to buy special keys. However, you can also buy one of these weapons case cs go on our website and you will no longer need a key! To better understand what cases we are talking about, we have compiled a csgo case list.

So, csgo cases in order:

Black (classic) – were created by Valve and contain skins with special design.

eSports – to open them you need an eSports key. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of keys goes to the prize pools of competitive championships.

Yellow – consist of skins created by the community, part of the proceeds goes to support their creators.

Frequently asked questions about cs go weapon cases

How to get cases in csgo at bloodycase?

Enter the site, replenish your balance and choose any cs go cases price of which suits you. By opening the case, you will get one of the cool skins inside.

What is the best case to open in csgo?

The site contains a huge selection of cases and you will definitely find what you need. All standard item are present, but we recommend to open our special and limited cases. Why? Just because they contain many more interesting skins, and the price for you will always be the most loyal!

What to do with cases?

You can choose and open cs go cases online on BloodyCase. You will randomly drop one of the skins inside. Now this item is yours, you can send it to your Steam account or sell it.

Galil AR | Blue Titanium
★ Navaja Knife | Blue Steel
★ Huntsman Knife | Boreal Forest
Chem-Haz Specialist | SWAT
Markus Delrow | FBI HRT
csgocases_com KAZAKH POWER
Slingshot | Phoenix
Sir Bloody Skullhead Darryl | The Professionals
Street Soldier | Phoenix
UMP-45 | Grand Prix
Chem-Haz Specialist | SWAT
★ Falchion Knife | Blue Steel