How to Rank Up Fast in CS:GO in 2022

All fans of the most popular shooter of the last decade, Counter Strike Global Offensive, know at least a little about the fact that for your efforts you can get a certain rank. As a rule, even beginners think about building their careers right after they get tired of playing in the usual mode. After switching to the competitive mode, players get the opportunity to fight opponents of equal skill and level. As a reward, you receive medals and titles for your service. Today we will answer in detail the question – how to rank up fast in CSGO?

How to Rank Up Fast in CS:GO in 2021

What is CSGO Ranking System and How Does it Work?

Only those players who switch to the competitive mode can get ranks. The matchmaking mechanism developed by Valve ensures the battle of equal rivals, which makes the game even more interesting and intense. But recently, CS GO competitive ranks system and development in it will be available only to those who purchase a premium account. Without prime status, you can only play in normal mode.

Which Ranks Exist?

After the so-called calibration, each player is awarded one or another rank, which will be the starting point for further career development. In order to ranking up in competitive faster CS GO you need to know that there are 18 ranks in the game. They can be roughly divided into three large groups. The first one is Silver – these are good beginners who already have a little knowledge of weapons, are oriented on the maps, but they are still far from the masters. The second – from Gold Nova I to Master Guardian Elite – pretend to be a good level of play, know how to handle different types of weapons, know the cards. The third are almost professionals, their game can be highly appreciated in all respects.

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How does Ranking Distribution work in CS:GO?

You need to win ten ranked matches to earn your starting rank. There is also a limitation – a maximum of two wins per day (you can lose as much as you like). As you can imagine, it will take at least 5 days. Thus, the system determines the skill level of the player. Of course, the final data is slightly superficial, but it is quite possible to understand what a gamer is capable of. By the way, this distribution is called the calibration, which we mentioned above. After completing 10 calibration victories, the gamer falls into one of the eighteen groups described above. Next, let’s figure out how to rank up fast CS GO.

All you need to know to rank up faster

For more than one year in a row, the query “CS GO fastest way to rank up” remains one of the most popular among gamers. The topic really remains particularly relevant, especially considering the regular innovations from Valve. Now let’s take a look at the basic life hacks on how to rank up faster in CSGO.

Learn to Use Spray Patterns in CS GO

All game weapons in CS were created in the image of real examples. You already know that skins by themselves do not provide a combat advantage, but it is the ability to properly handle each type of weapon that moves you up the ranks. Most of the players choose their roles, that is, what type of weapon they will mainly use. But first, you need to practice with everything possible in order to feel the form of spraying and the force of recoil on yourself.

CS:GO Team Play Basics Will Help You

The best way to rank up in CSGO is practice and proper communication within the team. Learning to concisely and clearly convey information about your movement, the location of the enemy and other important points is the key to a successful battle and, accordingly, the achievement of new ranks.

Use Grenades Wisely

A fairly common mistake among beginners is the untimely or too frequent use of grenades. This is a powerful weapon, sometimes you just can’t do without it. But one should not “start with trump cards” right away. Save them until the end of the round, because their correct use can bring the desired victory and become one of the ways how rank up CS GO fast.

Try to Keep Your Weapon

An important strategic step, you must control both the weapons of your teammates and opponents. You need to preserve yours as much as possible, and someone else’s – to throw out of the perimeter so that the enemies cannot save him. This approach can damage the other team and give you an edge in the final round.

Become a Strafe and Strafe Jump Master

For those who seriously think about how to rank up in CSGO fast it will not be a secret that you need to constantly practice shooting. The correct positioning and strategy of attack is a key element of a successful battle. You should not be in the same shelter all the time and wait for the right moment, learn to start shelling and practice shooting in dynamics.

Place the Bombs Correctly

You need to plan carefully for the installation of bombs. Do not do it spontaneously and “maybe you are lucky”, make a detailed plan in advance. You need to predict the movements of the enemy and also have time to destroy the defreaker from their team. Also, spare some money and buy at least one defuse kit for your team. This is not a direct but influencing CS GO rank up fast method.

Use Boost and Run Boost Tactics

Cool tactics to confuse your opponents. It’s not easy, but with good interaction with your team, you can choose the coolest tactical positions that can ensure you win. You rank up in CSGO faster if you practice every day for a few hours.

Don’t Forget to Reload a Weapon Before Rush

Confusion with an empty clip happens to everyone, to beginners quite often, but sometimes during a tense battle and professionals this misfortune can be caught by surprise. Train yourself from the very beginning of building your cyber career – control the number of cartridges and change them as soon as less than a third remains. Do not neglect this rule and you will save yourself valuable minutes at the decisive moment.

Smoke Grenade Can Save You

A working method to clear positions of enemies. But remember, this type of grenade can cause damage to you. They last for about 17 seconds, so in order not to get injured during this period, try to move and jump quickly to avoid burns.

How to Rank Up Fast in CS:GO in 2021

Rest After Defeat

The mental attitude is one of the most important factors in achieving success. Learn to find inner harmony, and come to terms with the fact that sometimes everyone has failures. Only after mastering your negative emotions, it is worthwhile to study the topic in more detail – CSGO how to rank up fast. After one unsuccessful fight, give yourself at least 30 minutes to rest, but if defeats follow one after another, switch to another hobby for the day and then start training with renewed vigor.

Train your speed of movement

It is very important to learn how to move quickly, taking into account the situation and focusing on the maps. To do this, you need to often play on different cards, honing your skills. Over time, you will learn to hear the sounds of approaching and moving away enemies, on what textures: wood, metal, etc. they walk and predict their position. Such a skill will definitely be useful to everyone who is thinking about how to rank up in CSGO fast.

Change Your Position Every Round

In competitive mode, it is very important to learn how to be unpredictable for the enemy. To do this, you need to remember to regularly change your locations on the map. To be effective on all maps, train with your comrades so that during the battle the new position does not confuse you.

Use Console Commands

The console is a must-have tool for a good game of CS: GO. It allows you to quickly activate the commands you want right in the middle of a round. Therefore, be sure to check before starting the game that the console is turned on, because the technical settings in battles can predetermine the outcome of the battle.

Is it Necessary to Have a Ranking System?

Only you yourself can answer this question. If you rarely play, or have just started and do not yet understand how much time you will spend in the future with CS: GO, then you can take your time to enter the competitive mode. Moreover, now only players who have purchased prime accounts will get access to it. This will reduce the number of frivolous players. Therefore, if for you the game is a one-time entertainment, you do not need to worry about the ranks. But if it is important for you to seriously develop, gain knowledge and receive skins as bonuses, then you need to know everything about the rank system and how to rank up in CS GO fast.

How Many Games Would it Take to Rank Up?

To reach your first rank, you need to win 10 battles – this is the only prerequisite for progressing in competitive mode. But then, in order to get new and new titles, there is no longer any required number of games. It’s simple – the more battles you win, the higher your rank. There are no other limits.

Additional: What Else May Help You

For all gamers looking for the fastest way to level up CS GO, it will be useful to learn about life hacks that can help with this. There are several of them, some of them affect the process only indirectly, but they still should not be neglected if you want to achieve real heights.

What Resolution Do PRO Players Use?

In fact, of course, especially at the beginning, you can play taking into account the characteristics of the monitor that you already have. But if we talk about professionals, then the majority prefers 1024 × 768.

What Mouse Do Most PRO Players Use?

The mouse is a CS: GO player’s best friend. Only a good manipulator will allow you to carry out your plans as accurately as possible (shooting, throwing and moving) and will not bring discomfort during prolonged play. Most often they choose Zowie EC2-A or Logitech G Pro Wireless for this.

What Keyboards Do PRO Players Use?

There are a lot of attractive keyboards. Choosing only one can be realy hard. Since everyone seems to be better than others, there is a big difference in keyboards. Pros prefer mechanical ones only, as they are faster and last longer, which minimizes the risk of embarrassment during combat. For example, HyperX Alloy FPS and analogues, there are a lot of them for any budget.

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Dealing with the entire ranking system of the game is not easy, so this is far from the first article on this topic, and given the constant innovations – most likely not the last. But today we are focusing on practice, on real advice on how to level up. There are a lot of methods, but which one will be the fastest way to rank up in CSGO for you to decide. We are sure that only a combination of all will give a good result. You need to practice a lot, analyze your wins and defeats, apply tricks and you are guaranteed to achieve success.

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