How to Get Free CSGO Skins: Full Guide

Counter strike: Global Offensive continues to lead the ranking of the most popular games for many years. The game is loved not only for its interesting plot and dynamic course of events, but also for the fact that here you can create your own unique character image by supplementing it with various types of deadly weapons. For this reason, every fan of the game is familiar with the word “skin”. All CSGO skins are 3D models that replace the look of standard outfit. The main purpose of them is to replace the appearance of a weapon with a newer one that differs from the standard outfit. These items dilute the game with new colors and make it look new. Additionally, weapon skins are collectible. Despite the fact that skins do not provide a gaming advantage, every real gamer strives to get rare items to make his image unique and inimitable.

All skins have a different price and it depends on the quality of the item, its rarity, as well as on the availability of StatTrak. The range of prices for skins is from a couple of cents to tens of thousands of dollars. But we all love freebies! Therefore, in this article, we will talk about the best way to get free skins in CSGO.

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Are free CSGO skins less valuable?

No that’s not true. Of course, the likelihood that you will get a very rare skin for free for several tens of thousands of dollars is minimal. However, this does not at all mean that you can only get cheap and useless ones for free. You have a more than realistic chance of getting a good cool item without paying a cent. You just need to know how to do it. You need to understand that in order to get a suitable skin absolutely free of charge, you need to be an active player and either spend a lot of time in the game itself, or often participate in giveaways and do it only on trusted sites. In this article, we will consider all possible ways how to get skins in CSGO for free and everyone can choose the best option for themselves or try everything.

How to get CSGO skins for free: best ways

So, let’s look at several options for obtaining CS: GO knives, gloves, and copyright modifications of a standard type of weapon without money. At first glance, it seems that now we are talking about some clever tricks and tricks. But no! The surest way to replenish your inventory with new CS: GO skins is simply to regularly participate in online CS: GO matches. If you take a responsible approach to the gameplay in a competitive mode, you will soon collect an extensive collection of skins. Also, this is not the only way, so let’s figure it out together.

Get free skins directly in the CS: GO

The most popular way. It all depends to a large extent on your perseverance and assertiveness, but also a little on luck. If you play a lot and often, then you can get up to four CS: GO skins per week as a result of random in-game item drops. But there is also a nuance, the chance of dropping a cool subject is not great. Most often, players receive army or industrial quality skins. More interesting items are often found inside in-game cases. They can also fall out to you randomly during the game, but to open such a case you will need a special key, and you will have to pay money for it. The cost of one is two and a half dollars. So in this case, the skin is not completely free.

Steam trade

how to get CSGO skins for free

Another alternative way to get CSGO skins free. How does it work? You give a skin to your friend in exchange for his skin. But this option provides limited freedom of action. After all, you probably want skin that your friends do not have. And this option does not give you that very opportunity to stand out and feel yourself unique against the background of your comrades. However, if your friend has exactly the skin you are dreaming about and is ready to exchange, then this is an acceptable option.

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Skin farming

If you are not particularly worried about the uniqueness of the resulting skins, then this method may be useful to you. The bottom line is that you create several accounts in Steam and play CS: GO with each of them. Thus, you will get a lot of free items in total in a week. Then you can use them yourself, or exchange them with friends for the ones you need, or sell and get real money. But remember that you cannot create too many accounts in order not to get banned.

CS: GO exchange contracts

This method will be applied to those players who have already accumulated a large number of cheap skins of the same rarity level in their Steam profile. This is a special tool in CS: GO that allows you to exchange ten skins of the same rarity for a rarer and more interesting skin for free. In addition to ordinary items, weapons with a StatTrak counter can be inserted into the exchange contract. By the way, after the release of Operation Bravo, players were able to add skins from different collections to one contract, which opened up new opportunities and clearly added freedom of action.


In our opinion, this is the best way to get free CSGO skins. It can be used on third-party Case Opening websites. For example, such a feature will be available on very soon. You will need to fulfill a number of conditions and you automatically become a participant in the drawing, as a result of which you have a chance to get a really worthwhile skin, and not tinsel, absolutely free. In addition, while you are waiting for the launch of the giveaway on our website, you can take part in similar promotions from various YouTube and Twitch streamers. Very often CSGO bloggers organize similar distributions to increase views of their videos. Isn’t this a cool and fast way?

Get free CSGO skins: hacks and tips

In addition to the common methods described above, we have prepared for you some more useful and relevant tips on how to get CSGO skins for free. So read the article to the end and you will learn all the working methods that will save you tons of money.

Participation in the DailyFree

best way to get free CSGO skins

Very cool CSGO free skins hack. What do you need? After the grand opening of, go to the website. Fill out the registration form. Then you should go to the Daily Free page and fulfill just a few simple conditions indicated there. After that, you are guaranteed to receive Milspec, Covert, Classified or Restricted skin, which you drop at random. You can visit our site every day and fulfill the conditions so that prizes in the form of free skins will be available to you every 24 hours.

Subscription to BloodyCase newsletter

Great news! Only in the near future, by subscribing to the newsletter from, you will be able to receive unique prizes! You will receive by email a form in which you can indicate the expected date of the grand opening of our site. If you are the first to guess, you will receive $ 100 on the balance on the site, as well as AWP | ASIMOV (FIELD-TESTED)! In any case, there will be more than one prize, the first 100 users who guess the opening date are guaranteed to receive bonuses. Only one attempt for each email address. Don’t waste time and try your luck!

Competition in Case Battles

This method is more complicated than the previous ones. However, in the end, you can get additional free items, and not even one. Therefore, we believe that this method can be safely called a free CSGO skins hack. You will need to go to the Case Battles section on the website. There you can choose 1 case or more and put them against your opponent and his cases. Then the cases are opened in turn and skins drop randomly from them. The player whose total value of the skins dropped out will be greater, not only receives the items he won, but also takes away all the skins of the losing opponent for free.

So, now you know that it is not at all necessary to buy skins by spending a lot of money on this. In addition, it is far from always free to get only widespread and cheap skins, if you try and use the right methods, there is a high probability of acquiring a worthy item that is perfect for your image. So we hope our article “CSGO how to get free skins” was useful to you and you will start receiving them now!

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