Best Resolution and Aspect Ratio Settings for the Comfort play of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Everyone wants to play with the most optimal settings possible, which can allow them to feel maximum comfort during the gameplay. This is especially true for competitive online games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Not all gamers are familiar with what is the best resolution for CS GO and how it can improve the gameplay. This guide helps in understanding what are the most comfortable aspect ratios, resolution settings, and how they impact the experience of the player.

What is the Aspect Ratio?

Aspect Ratio indicates the ratio of the width and height of the picture that the computer displays. Previously, the most common aspect ratio for TVs and cameras was 4:3, as they were used by most TV shows and home movie media. Thanks to the revolution in digital image quality, HD has become much more common and it allows people to finally enjoy high-quality content on any modern device.

This is why 16:9 has become an entertainment industry standard – it allows creators to provide a much wider image that provides an opportunity to see more details in the frame. But it does not mean that 4:3 is long gone, because it can be a good option for some computer games, like Counter Strike and this CSGO resolution guide will specify why.

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CSGO Aspect Ratio List

In the case of CSGO aspect ratio, the player is able to choose between three popular options:

  • 4:3 Stretched;
  • 4:3 Black Bars;
  • 16:9 HD.

All of them have their own pros and cons, which is why many professional players still use a 4:3 aspect ratio in their rating matches. More than that, some of these players prefer to use an option with black bars. Beginners may find this weird, but there are actually a lot of reasons why so many Counter-Strike players are still using such old-school options. This is the main point of this guide – to provide detailed information on the settings to apply for the laptop or desktop computer.

4:3 Stretched

Thanks to the statistics on the internet, it is possible to see that the most popular CSGO aspect ratio among novice players at the moment is 16:9, as many laptops use the common resolution of HD+ and Full HD. The situation was very different in the early 2000s, when the most common aspect ratio for the first Counter-Strike game was 4:3. The same thing was with the Counter-Strike: Source. Considering that Global Offensive is also built on Source, the original game engine from Valve – 4:3 is the native aspect ratio for this game as well. 4:3 Stretched aspect ratio has a lot of different pros:

  • Models are easier to track;
  • The image is smaller and it is easier to focus on every aspect of the gaming process;
  • This aspect ratio will require less computing power, which leads to higher FPS count.
  • But there are also a couple of cons people should know about:
  • The image is not as sharp as it would be with 16:9;
  • Some elements of the interface can look pixelated;
  • The game can feel a little faster.

The main reason why so many players prefer the 4:3 aspect ratio is because the image is smaller and it is easier to focus on each gameplay element. Many professionals call it a “Tunnel Vision”, because the gamer will no longer need to spend a lot of time working with different elements of the interface. But if the player sets the original version of 4:3 aspect ratio, the game will be launched with black bars on both sides of the screen.

To get rid of them, it is possible to stretch the image to the entire screen. This option can be activated since the original release of Counter-Strike: GO, but it is not that obvious. Many professionals from Ninjas in Pyjamas are using it while playing in tournaments and it really helps them to focus their attention solely on the game.

CSGO resolution guide

4:3 Black Bars

This is the original look for the CS franchise. The black bars can be seen on both sides of the image. This setting has a couple of other pros than stretched image:

  • The user interface looks sharper;
  • Screen sensitivity feels more natural;
  • Objects on the screen still look good, just like in the case of 16:9.
  • There are still a couple of cons that cannot be ignored:
  • It is harder to focus on the gameplay due to the black bars on both sides of the image;
  • Models move faster, which means the player will need to spend some time in order to get used to this.

It is hard to complain over this aspect ratio because it is an instant classic for many CS players.

16:9 Aspect Ratio

16:9 aspect ratio became popular in 2012 as it has been on both laptops and desktop personal computers. There are a couple of obvious pros this option has in comparison to the old-school 4 by 3:

  • Field of view is much larger;
  • It is possible to see more objects at the borders of the screen;
  • There are no black bars;
  • Image looks sharper and much more modern.
  • There are a couple of cons for this aspect ratio as well:
  • It demands much more computing power;
  • Models move slower;

It is harder to focus on some user interface elements.

It is easy to recommend 16:9 for those who are looking for the CS GO best resolution while playing in the comfort of their home without a need to compete against professionals. This is a perfect choice for regular gamers who are going to play the game just for the pleasure they get from visuals and gameplay.

CS GO best resolution

What is the Best Aspect Ratio for FPS CS:GO?

If the main objective for the player is to have the best FPS, it is important to choose CS GO stretched resolution, as it helps to lower the requirements for the hardware. It will be possible to achieve the FPS count up to 100 and higher even on a budget laptop. This is another reason why so many people are preferring 4 by 3 ratio, especially the stretched version, as it does not need that much computing power.

What is the Default Aspect Ratio in CS:GO?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive by default launches in the 16:9 aspect ratio, especially after recent updates released by Valve. This is an industry standard nowadays, so it is not shocking to see these settings. The game is able to detect the native resolution of the display that the player is currently using to set it by default in the settings.

What is the Resolution?

Before the player will discover what resolution do pros play CS GO on, it is very important to understand what the resolution is. It is a measurement that indicates the number of pixels that are going to be used to produce an image on the display that is used for a certain digital product. In this case, it is the image of the CS: GO gameplay. The higher the resolution, the sharper it will look for the human eye.

Best CSGO Resolutions List

To make it easier for players to choose the best option, here is the CS GO pro resolution list:

  • 1280×960 with 4:3 aspect ratio. This is the option for people who would like to have the sharpest possible image while having the old-school aspect ratio. The best way to experience this option is by using the 4:3 with black bars, as in this case both gameplay and user interface will look perfect, without screen tearing and pixelated corners. But the player should also be ready that this setting is for high-end systems.
  • 1024×768 with 4:3 aspect ratio. This option is a good choice for people who would like to lower the hardware requirements as in this case the image is not going to look as sharp, but with the 4:3 ratio, it is going to look just fine. The only possible downside is the fact that models can look a little pixelated. Other than that, it is a very good choice for most players.
  • 1920×1080 with 16:9 aspect ratio. This setting should be familiar for most PC players, because it produces the most modern and clear image for anyone who would like to play this game at home. It is impossible not to fall in love with how textures look in case of this option, so it is recommended to give this resolution a chance.
  • 1280×720 with 16:9 aspect ratio. Many consider this option as the best CS GO resolution and the reason for that is very simple – the opportunity to get a pretty good image quality without a high-end hardware system. Objects will look sharp enough and all of them will move fast enough for the player to have a decent experience with the gameplay.

By choosing one of these CSGO Pro Resolutions 2022, the player should not be disappointed with the gameplay of this project. It will look perfectly and there should not be any problems with how to experience the game on any system, no matter how good the hardware is.

CSGO aspect ratio

How to Find the Best Resolution for Playing CSGO

In order to find the best resolution for playing CS: GO, it is recommended to start with the default option that will be set by the game for a particular display. After that, the player should downscale the resolution and adjust the aspect ratio while testing it in the real play. The gameplay should feel smooth and should not have any screen tearing effects, because it is going to be bad for aiming. The latest version of the Counter-Strike: GO has a built-in preset for different ratios of the screen, which means players should have zero problems with finding the most fitting option.

Custom CSGO Resolution

It is worth mentioning that the player can not only use the CS GO stretched resolution, which was recommended as a part of this guide, but also customize it by experimenting with different options that can be found in the settings. In order to stretch the image, players can change the launch settings straight from the Steam client, which is a superior option. It allows you to specify literally any resolution that the player can possibly imagine.

Is it Going to Improve the Overall Experience With the Game?

By searching for the best stretched res for CSGO, this guide is going to help to improve the overall experience with the game. Yes, for most players it is going to be okay to start playing without changing any settings, but for users who would like to develop a skill in this game, it is really important to experiment with different options that are currently available for this project. It’s highly recommended to give both 4:3 and 16:9 a chance in order to find out which one is going to be the most attractive option, as it is the only way to improve the feeling of the gameplay.

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