15 best cheap csgo skins

Play Counter Strike: Global Offensive? Then you have 100% heard about “skins”. All skins are some kind of 3D models depicting various combat items. What are they needed for? The main goal is to create realistic images of weapons within the game, which will be more attractive than the standard ones. Skins make the game more interesting, because everyone can create their own unique image. It should be remembered that these items do not improve your combat skills in any way, but with them the game will definitely sparkle with new colors.

15 best cheap csgo skins

What is the cheapest skin in CSGO?

Some skins, due to their rarity, can reach prices of several tens of thousands of dollars. But today we will tell you how you can collect your ideal game image without spending a fortune. This article focuses on our ranking of the top 15 best cheap skins CSGO.

In fact, there are a lot of skins at an affordable price. If you are not a collector and your dream is not a souvenir Dragon Lore, or if you are just starting to collect items at all, then you can find a huge number of such that will cost only a few cents. Among the cheap CSGO skins are pistols, AWP and AK and many other game weapons. Therefore, you will definitely have something to choose from. But you need to understand that for a small price you will not get a rare weapon, and you are also unlikely to get a Factory New. Since there are a lot of inexpensive items, we will tell you about the coolest cheap CSGO skins that are definitely worthy of your attention and look like you can pay more than one hundred dollars for them.

Latest best cheap CSGO skins

Let’s move on to our ranking of the  best looking cheap CSGO skins. They can be easily found in the trading markets, and these skins will not be difficult to win in cases on BloodyCase.com!.

1. Glock-18 | Royal Legion

Glock-18 Royal Legion

A cute little pistol with a lot of potential. At first glance, it may seem that the design is minimalistic. But take a closer look – a beautiful brown color on top of which there is an exquisite engraving of acorns and oak leaves. With such a weapon, you will definitely feel like an elite. For such a beautiful design and a ridiculous price of about 2.5 dollars, we included it in the top of the csgo best cheap skins.

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2.Desert Eagle | Blue Ply

Desert Eagle Blue Ply

A brand new 2020 pistol released as a tribute to one of the first iconic skins of the Counter Strike game. The entire body of the pistol is decorated with a pattern imitating the texture of wood.The item is beautifully decorated with dark colors, blue and gray prevail. The overlay on the handle is made in gray colors. You will undoubtedly be pleased with the price of about $ 2 for the quality of Factory New.

3. P250 | Nevermore

P250 Nevermore

This colorful and compact game pistol was added to the game on December 6, 2018 as part of the Forbidden Zone Collection, released as part of the Welcome to the Danger Zone update.The skin is complemented by an intricate pattern: the image of a dead raven is visible against the background of red and orange colors. The price for such an extraordinary thing is ridiculous and starts at just $ 1.15 for the quality Factory New.

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4. P250 | Supernova

P250 Supernova

Another pistol that is guaranteed to have an eye by comrades during the game. The main body of the weapon is painted blue and orange, which flow into each other in a gradient. Various translucent patterns and white spots are visible in the background, as well as a gradient mesh of hexagons. For the best quality, you need to pay about $ 3 for it.

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5. MAG-7 | Heat

MAG-7 Heat

Just take a closer look at this amazing skin, it looks like it’s made of hot steel. The design features bright orange tones that frame the gun’s dark gray body. This item looks much cooler than its actual value. For Factory New, you will need to pay a little more than $ 3.

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6. USP-S | Cyrex

USP-S Cyrex

The skin design is made in a futuristic style. Here you can see the black pattern  painted black with accents in the form of red stripes of various sizes on the brown background. Some parts of the pistol are painted solid white. On the shutter there is a pictogram in the form of a silhouette of a counter-terrorist. This slightly worn-out skin costs just under three dollars. A damn low price for such a cool pistol.

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USP-S case

7. АК-47 | Uncharted

АК-47 Uncharted

A very decent gaming AK that you can get for little money. The central part of the machine is painted brown and decorated with a black ethnic pattern made in the traditional style of the Maya Indians. The forend and stock are made of wood and decorated with carvings in the same style. For the quality of Factory New you will have to pay less than $ 2. Cool?!

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АК-47 case

8. AK-47 | Elite Build

AK-47 Elite Build

This brutal AK also deserves your attention. The central part of the machine and the magazine are painted gray and complemented by an abstract gray pattern reminiscent of a camouflage pattern. The stock and forend are painted solid black. The skin design is complemented by beige accents in the form of stripes, inscriptions and pictograms. Minimal Wear costs less than $ 3.

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АК-47 case

9. AUG | Aristocrat

AUG Aristocrat

The sophistication of the design of this weapon is fully consistent with its name. Main surface area AUG | Aristocrat is colored blue. The stock, receiver and grips are decorated with textured silver metal overlays with intricate patterns of flowing lines and curls. The sight and muzzle are not painted. As Minimal Wear, it can be found for just over $ 1.

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AUG case

10. AWP | Sun in Leo

AWP Sun in Leo

It is slightly more expensive than the items listed above, but its appearance is definitely worth every cent. The rifle body is painted dark blue. A bright blue pattern is applied over the background in the form of a zodiacal chart supplemented with various astrological symbols. The telescopic sight, barrel and back of the butt are not painted. Price for quality Slightly worn around $ 5, but we’re sure it deserves a spot on the list of cool cheap CSGO skins.

11. FAMAS | Survivor Z

FAMAS Survivor Z

A cool game rifle for those on a budget. Most of the body is dark gray. Over this background, bright red stripes are randomly applied, as well as small blood stains. In addition, on the side surface, you can notice silvery scratches, as if after the claws of a wild animal.For quality Factory New you need to pay only $1.

12. Dual Berettas | Royal Consorts

Dual Berettas Royal Consorts

Undoubtedly a cool option, because this skin consists of two pistols at once! It has a very sophisticated design. The breakfast table is decorated with a dark gold engraving in the form of oak leaves. The grips are made of beautiful green malachite and completed with a bronze engraving of a griffin. These attractive pistols cost only $ 3.

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13. USP-S | Torque

USP-S Torque

This skin has an unusual futuristic design. Its body is black, but there are white spots on the shutter and muffler, like drips of paint, framed by a neon yellow outline. If you are a fan of interesting and non-standard skins, then you urgently need to purchase it! Moreover, the price of Factory New is slightly more than $ 3.

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14. SSG 08 | Mainframe 001

SSG 08 Mainframe 001

A brand new skin released in the second half of 2020. Individual parts of the rifle are painted solid purple. The central part of the body and part of the butt are decorated with a pattern reminiscent of the engineering scheme of the central processor. The pattern is made in lilac colors and complemented by turquoise accents. Factory New with StatTrak will cost less than $ 6.

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15. AWP | Capillary

AWP Capillary

Another new item released in 2020. The rifle body is painted dark gray and is complemented by a semi-transparent geometric pattern of thin parallel lines. A pattern of intertwining blue and coral blood vessels is applied over the background. The barrel, rear part of the butt and individual body parts are painted in light gray and complemented by a pattern of small strokes. Factory New will cost a little more than $ 3.5.

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Where to buy cheap CSGO skins?

In the modern world, finding where to buy what you like is not a problem, but to do it profitably is already more difficult. Of course, you can trivially make a purchase on the Steam trading platform, but do you need it? Since for such a decision you will most likely have to overpay, and quite a lot. Or you can wait for months until a decent skin will drop out to you in the game itself.

We offer you a more interesting option on how to get good cheap CSGO skins. Just register on our website BloodyCase.com and buy any case you like. We fill our cases only with really cool skins that will please every player. In addition, do not forget that in this way you will not only get a lot of pleasant emotions from opening the case, but you can also get an item much more expensive than the value of the case itself.

15 best cheap csgo skins

And soon on our website you will be able to directly buy and sell any skins at the best prices!

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We really hope that our article on nice cheap csgo skins was informative and useful for you. We tried to collect not just a list of cheap items, but to make a selection of really beautiful and non-standard skins that everyone can afford. So choose the ones that you like and get them soon. Also, do not forget that on the BloodyCase.com website you can use the opportunity to open a case for the price of one inexpensive skin and you can win a very cool and rare item!

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